Dolphins Jumping off the coast of Honduras. #dolphin @hpman

Dolphins surfing in a purple sunset! ❤ ❤ ❤ sea ocean beach tumblr

I have a passion for humpback whales.

A beluga whale makes and plays with bubble rings. More photos:

So beautiful, I just Love dolphins .GIF. Amazing creature.

Swimming with dolphins

Surfing with Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins, The Bahamas by Goos van der Heide

Encanto y liberta pura.. Cuidemos a los delfines. ♥ Charm and Freedom let's protct dophins please.

BOLIVIA: Son muy famosos los delfines rosados de Bolivia (pink Dolphin,Bolivia)


Irrawaddy dolphins are found in coastal areas in South and Southeast Asia. These animals are known for their bulging forehead and short beak, giving them a far stranger appearance than other dolphins. Recent surveys put their numbers at 77, citing overfishing as their main threat.

What a great shot! - Dolphin at the Baltimore Aquarium ♥

blue dolphin

Pink Dolphin

Pink dolphins!!! There are only fourteen ALBINO dolphins in the world!!!



Breathtaking Underwater Photos. Dolphins are just cute.


Surfing dolphins