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Finest Fitness at Fifty

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Just crank up your Jambox and let the music get you started! #motivation #fitness #exercise #workout #playlist #music #beats #inspiration #fitat50 #getitright #getittight

What Now? - Tosca Reno

With Rachel's wedding over, I'm wondering "now what?" At this time of year and at times when I am feeling emotionally vulnerable, I go back to basics. Click through for my quick tips & a killer #workout #playlist. #fitness #fitat50 #exercise #eatclean #eatingclean #cleaneating #workoutsongs #workoutmusic #fullbody #cardio #weightlifting #motivation #inspiration #music #gym

What Now? - Tosca Reno
  • Marisol Garrett
    Marisol Garrett

    Tosca, I'm not in my fifties yet. God willing, I will be fierce and active like you. Thanks for inspiring me. :-)

Rain or shine! No excuses. #fitness #motivation #inspiration #health #fitspo #cardio #toscareno

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The 4th and final instalment in my Summer Body #Workout Series is all about fat burning! My tried and true tips for pumping your BMR, burning more calories and achieving your dream body! #fitness #motivation #inspiration #weightloss #metabolism

Summer Body Workout Pt 4 – Fat Burning - Tosca Reno

3 #ab #workouts to get the midsection toned tight! Bathing suits here we come! #exercise #fitness

Summer Body Workout, Pt 1 – Abs - Tosca Reno
  • Queenie Kimberly
    Queenie Kimberly

    In her 50's and absolutely STUNNING! What an inspiration!

Part 3 of my #Summer Body #Workout Series: #Triceps! 3 #exercises to make those little babies shine #fitness #beachbody #ToscaReno #fitspiration #eatclean

Summer Body Workout Pt 3 – Triceps - Tosca Reno

Ready for an in-your-face INCREDIBLE backside? Part 2 in my Summer Body #Workout Series has the 3 #glute #exercises YOU need to try! Let's get that booty even more bootylicious than it already is!! #fitness #glutes #buttworkout #toscareno

Summer Body Workout Pt 2 - Butt - Tosca Reno

Yesterday was #ab day and I'm feeling it! Visit my blog at to check out Part 1 of my Summer Body #Workout Series - 3 #exercises to flatten our midsections and make those #abs POP! >> #fitness

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  • Laura Aponte
    Laura Aponte

    The queen of EAT CLEAN. :)

From #eatcleanbetch -->> Fit betches, do you want a great ass that looks amazeballs in short-shorts? Do Tosca Reno’s Summer Reset Hundreds Circuit. Don’t effing complain that it’s too hard, you lazy-ass betch. Get off the couch and do this shit.

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5 moves for a red-carpet-worthy rear!

The Eat-Clean Diet Insider

Light High ♥

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  • Paula Jones
    Paula Jones

    Love this! I'm going to look at every workout as a gift to myself because that's what it is!

Tosca Reno: Equipment-Free Workout from 6-pack Dean

Tosca Reno: Equipment-Free Workout

Just keep going!

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  • Makenzie Schulz
    Makenzie Schulz

    This reminds me of "Hill Days" during cross country practice in college. I can just see my coach at the top of the hill!

Tosca Reno: TRUST ME!

Tosca Reno: TRUST ME!

embrace who you are!

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Welcome to Tosca's Gallery - Rebuilding Reno with Rita Catolino

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Rita Catolino's Protein Pumpkin Mini Muffins, and my Eat-Clean Diet travel tips!

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My Meal Plan Critique from Rita Catolino

Tosca Reno: Rebuilding Reno: Meal Plan Critique
  • Fabulously Domestic
    Fabulously Domestic

    Love that she nixed your tofu! Smart girl!

  • Lisa Nulton
    Lisa Nulton


  • Jasmine Park
    Jasmine Park

    What's wrong with tofu?

  • Fabulously Domestic
    Fabulously Domestic

    Jasmine: there's a lot of controversy over women having tofu -- especially women over 50. Some dieticians swear that soy is beneficial for menopausal women because of the estrogen hormones but others say that it's doing more harm than good and upsetting a woman's hormonal balance. :)

  • Fabulously Domestic
    Fabulously Domestic

    Never mind the fact that if your soy product is not organic, you can guarantee it's GMO. The most highly genetically modified crop in the world. Soy. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing!

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Rest day yesterday! Back in the #houseofpain today

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Tosca Reno: Reno & Catolino Rebuilding Update

V-Sit Abs are the best!! Add a side twist for your obliques.

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Things I learned from Bob Tough Love Kennedy

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One more rep…Just one more rep!!! How I feel on Friday after 5 days of Rita Catolino’s training program.

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2 week contest transformation progress pic!

Tosca Reno: My Sun Warrior Recovery Shake & Protein Discount
  • Tracey Morrow
    Tracey Morrow

    thats great!!! wonderful work!!

  • Marty Muraca
    Marty Muraca

    I love Tosca, she is awesome

  • Alana Kunkel
    Alana Kunkel

    I love seeing that lower back definition. You should be so proud!

  • Nina Rodenroth
    Nina Rodenroth

    I am wishing you the best, you look inspiring to me, I will be 60 in January...

  • Sarah Gadacz
    Sarah Gadacz

    You are an inspiration. I started my own clean eating lifestyle change a couple years ago and only have positive things to say about clean eating.

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