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Purple Heaven Kit

Trollbeads Purple Heaven Kit The most intriguing and elusive colours are combined in this heavenly kit, with a distinct feeling of constant movement reminiscent of orbits in the universe.

Poppies of August

Trollbeads: Poppies of August Bead - Typically dressed in red the poppy stands for imagination and is native in almost every country. This August birth flower holds a freshwater pearl as a symbol of beauty. The pearl is a cultured freshwater pearl.

Halloween Skeleton Trollbead

The meaning of the Skeleton Spirit vary a lot. In some cultures they are thought as the vessel of the soul. Some places as relics of ancestors. In other cultures they are thought to represent wisdom and guidance.

Orange Pod

Trollbeads: Orange Pod - This bead left the collection in delicate and fragile swaying in the wind, getting ready to create new life.

Ms. Ghost Fighter | Ms. Pacman

Ms. Ghost Fighter | Ms. Pacman

Moonlight Bubbles

Trollbeads: Moonlight Bubbles Bead - The moonlight casts shadows between the bubbles sparkling from pearl, creating a romantic moment. Please note, no two beads are exactly the same coloration.

Masala Facet

Trollbeads: Masala Facet - Made from many of the greatest spices, some bring colour some bring taste, together they complete the seasoning. With a surface of facets, a bead that is strong in colour and sharp in taste comes to life when light is added.

Ivory Violets

Delicate purple violets waving softly in the wind, casting shadows on an ivory background with a glimpse of mother of pearl.

Green Pod

The Green Pod Trollbeads are a part of 3 pod beads that all came with the same release. These beads will add a whimsical touch to your Trollbeads bracelet!