Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from TouchMath!

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

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The final installment in our Teacher Appreciation Week festivities. We are grateful for your dedication to ensuring young people reach their potential. Not just during this very special week, but every day.

Final Teacher Appreciation Week Free Download –– Student Activity Sheet Set 2!

Thank you, teachers, for paving the way.

Free Teacher Appreciation Week Download –– Student Activity Sheet Set 1 With activities for both primary and upper grades students, the multisensory TouchMath approach presents math concepts in a way that is appealing and accessible for all learners.

Teacher Appreciation Week Free Download –– Student Award Certificates. This free downloadable set of 20 unique award certificates recognizes mastery of a wide variety of math concepts. Rewarding the smallest improvement often triggers even greater effort, so use these certificates to let all students know that their efforts are appreciated — from the most advanced to the most challenged.

TouchMath thanks teachers the world over.

Teacher Appreciation Week Free Download -- TouchMath Memory Cue Poster! Download this colorful 11-inch by 17-inch poster! Instructions for use and information on the correct Touching/Counting Patterns are included as part of the download.

Thank you teachers, for your patience, guidance, and support!

A big thank you to all educators for their hard work and selfless dedication. Stay tuned for more posts and free giveaways as we celebrate this very special week.