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two children are playing on a bass in the water with bubbles and flowers around them
Shira Mazor Illustrator Jewellery designer mother and many more..
an illustration of children playing in the park with their dog and cat on a fall day
תומר זית: איורים
Tomer Zait
a computer screen with an image of a cat on it
My name is Tom-Lee, i'm 25 years old and i live in Tel Aviv, Israel. Just finished my visual art studies, i hope you'll enjoy my work. contact :
an artistic drawing of a dog with its tail curled up
UX/UI product design
Orenso teaches illustration, illustrates to veriouse magazins & books & does design work for a wide variety of national clients.
a girl is floating in the air with skis on her head and other items around her
BFA Bezalel Art and design Academy, Jerusalem. Martin’s Art University, London Specializes in Children Book Illustration.
three green plants with faces and arms in the air
The portfolio of Miki Mottes • Illustrator, Animator, Designer • Commercial and personal projects, wall decals, posters and Simple Happy Kitchen
miki mottes
a drawing of a girl looking at herself in the mirror with another woman standing behind her
KarenMay Metcalfe
Maria Givner Lace, Statement Necklace
Maria Givner
Maria Givner
an image of two zebras talking to each other in front of a jungle scene
Shownd | Become the Best Version of You!
sigal meshel - graphic designer character designer illustrator
an image of children's book page with cartoon characters and words in the background
Claudia Fehr-Levin
a drawing of a whale floating in the water with a piece of paper attached to it's back
Israela Tal
a painting of a girl in a red swimsuit floating on the water surrounded by fish
Anat Elzam
Anat Elzam
an elephant and rabbit chasing each other in front of a house
Nicola Slater - professional children's illustrator, view portfolio
Nicola Slater
a painting of a white cat sitting in a blue chair
Doron Zohari is a graduate of Visual Communications Department of the Wizo design Academy. Besides illustrating she's also a Graphic designer, painter and an etching artist.