DIY cool looking bracelet. Perfect for summer and easy enough to make a bunch for gifts or craft fairs!!

DIY Macrame Bracelet

Super easy medieval or sorceress gown, witch gown from one piece of fabric.

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I saw these at a high end boutique for a ridiculous amount of money. - etté studios: DIY: Recycled Tshirt Scarf Necklace Roundup

t-shirt scarf /diy tshirt yarn~ *they sell this material already cut at craft stores . makes really cute bracelets & necklaces, too! We did a make-it take-it at Pat Catan's a while back on it!

Leather armor corset bracers AND pouch Viking design by 12Reign

Leather armor corset, bracers AND pouch! Viking design- celtic dragon cut-out design in heavy duty leather. Buy together & get a DISCOUNT

How to Make a Steampunk Corset Great instructions Requires steel boning!

How to Make a Steampunk Corset