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[Russell's On Macklind] Russell’s, in the SoHa neighborhood (South Hampton), has always had a good vibe. It’s the quintessential neighborhood bakery/cafe that has grown into a bonafide restaurant, but still managed to keep its warm, welcoming ambience. It’s been in South city for nearly two years, and just a few months ago expanded to add an upstairs dining room to its homey storefront space. If you haven’t been here yet, ask for a main-floor table to get the full flavor of the place.

[ABCs of Need: Care to Learn, May 11, 2016] If you’re homeless and your shoes don’t fit, how do you get to school? If your glasses are missing an arm, how do you see the chalkboard? If your jeans are worn thin, how do you stop your classmates from laughing? According to the 2016 State of the State: Poverty in Missouri report, 49.4 percent of all students enrolled in Missouri public schools qualify for free or reduced lunch (a recognized indicator of poverty).

[Eureka] They’re howling with joy at the Endangered Wolf Center in the hills of Eureka: A federal agency, that for decades dragged its feet when it was supposed to have been completing a plan to save the endangered Mexican gray wolf, pictured above, must now present a scientifically viable plan by November of next year. #eureka #clayton #saintlouis #kirkwood #ladue

[Parenting] When you become a parent, you wear your heart on the outside. Suddenly, someone else’s health and safety is more important than your own, and life’s journey takes a whole new course. The journey is not for the faint of heart, and fortunately you do not have to make it alone. It does take a village, so it’s a good thing that, in all kinds of ways, help is available for the bumps in the road.

[Sing Street] At its core, the storyline behind Sing Street is simply about music and teenage romance. But even deeper than its ‘80s soundtrack and garage band focus are numerous themes regarding struggles (and success) with family, loss and creative expression. It’s a musical, comedy and drama all in one—and it works beautifully.

Dear Homework: We’ve tried different things at the front of our house over the 28 years we’ve lived here, but still feel it could use more curb appeal. The sunroom addition over the garage doesn’t feel unified with the rest of the house, and the retaining wall and driveway need replacing. Glendale now allows homeowners to add front porches, which can extend up to 10 feet out from the building line (in our case, the front door).

[Spring Wine Pairings] Spring has sprung, and local provisions are popping up. The weather has turned to its warmer season, which means the grape vines are awakening from their winter sleep and the first waves of fresh spring produce are hitting the markets and making their way to the tables of local restaurants.

[Classic Country] A dress in red and white mixes with blue denim and boots for an all American look. #westernstyle #westernchic #western #summerstyle #giddyupjane #townandstyle

[Call of the Wild] Color and charisma define a flowing, gypsy-inspired maxi by the Barcelona line, Aldomartins. #summerstyle #maxidress #westernchich #westernstyle #townandstyle #misterguy

[Ride On] Look cowgirl cool in the softest ombre shirt. #westernstyle #ombre #summerstyle #misterguy #giddyupjane #plaidshirt @misterguywomens