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Garden Grove, CA / Hi there! We are a Toyota dealer in Garden Grove, Orange County. We want to share with you everything from Vintage Toyotas to the hottest new models!
Toyota Place
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Easy Irish Chocolate Ice Cream for St. Patrick's Day

Irish Chocolate Ice Cream A cup of Irish whiskey adds rich taste to this decadent chocolate ice cream dessert that's perfect as the finish to a romantic St.

St. patrick's day desserts

These Over the Rainbow Cupcakes would be perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party! To make them you need: Food Coloring Air Heads Extremes Rolo Candies Frosting White Cake Mix Head over to The Fickle Pickle to see how to put these together!

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Omg Josh will love these! What a lucky find: Wee leprechaun hats made of chocolate and marshmallows! This whimsical treat is easy to whip up and perfect for little leprechauns to help make.