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In last week’s cliffhanger, my buddy Sparky, the erstwhile electrical contractor / data-comm-installer / cabling tech, challenged me to hit him with my best shot. My best shot, that is, in terms of content marketing. Eyes on the prize, people. How Do You Come Up with Blog Post Ideas for Any Business? Especially for Obscure, Niche, Non-Glam, B2B Businesses Let’s face it:… read more →

Being levied with a Google penalty is the nightmare of pretty much every single website owner and developer. Considering that most people look online for what they need through their search engine, it is mandatory to be in the good graces of all search engines, particularly Google. If you fail on this matter, your pages and posts will be ranked in… read more →

Productivity Hacks for Creative Bloggers

What content writing tools do you use to help with your efforts?

No one wants to face a Negative SEO Attack for their website, but it pays to look out for it. Here are five ways to diagnose Negative SEO.

I don’t know about your world, but in my personal experience, the use of social media as a marketing gimmick seems to be on the wane. That is, as a private user of various social channels, I’m seeing fewer come-ons, fewer automatic direct messages to new followers, fewer follow-back promises, fewer reciprocal follow rings, and that sort of annoying broadcast… read more →

Ever wonder what social media platforms have staying power beyond the next three years? Dig into this analysis and see for yourself!

The age of social media doesn't mean email marketing is irrelevant. Rather, it is more important and should be merged with your social marketing efforts.

Learn what inbound marketing prerequisites should be in place before you kick off a program for the whole world to see! A few items will get you ready.

Google AMP is picking up steam, but what does it mean for standalone smartphone…