Amazing rainbow

Rainbow over Lake Ontario ON, Canada. Lake Ontario I can see from my window.

How to find a rainbow  Rainbows need two key ingredients: moisture in the atmosphere, and sunlight. Your best chances of seeing a rainbow are during or right after a rainstorm. You don't need to get rained on to see a rainbow (although it certainly doesn't hurt your chances)—as long as there is rain falling nearby, you might see a rainbow. Conditions most conducive to rainbow formation are a period of rain followed by sudden clearing in the direction of the sun. If sunlight breaks through…

Arc of a sunset rainbow over Big Stone Beach, Delaware Bay. Nice article on shooting rainbows by Ian Plant Photography

Reflection causes circular rainbow

***GIF*** Reflection causes circular rainbow! Really beautiful reflection of the rainbow which appears to be a circle!

wow looks like God's Arrow and bow

In this very day, I am thankful because I have a God whose image is love. A God whose wrath is still love. A God who is withholding nothing. nature A God who is not discriminating. A God who has zero-tolerance of sin

Water Rainbow (Yosemite)

Redwood National Park / Floris Van Breugel sailing 30 famous places that you MUST see Water Rainbow (Yosemite) by flexbaum, via Flic.

Rainbow at Old Key West, Florida - by George Thomas

Rainbow at Old Key West, Florida. So that's what the end of a rainbow looks like. Where's the pot of gold?


Spectacular Spectrums: 10 Amazing Rainbows

The beautiful rainbow.God's promise that there will never again be a flood to destroy the earth.

Double Rainbow, Richmond, Virginia

Autumn's Double Rainbow, Richmond, Virginia My Rainbow God is always here & there for me Rainbow. Rainbow me & Rainbow God will always will be together forever & ever.