My childhood in one pin. OH MY WORD THE PARACHUTE YES. And those FREAKING TIME TESTS!! I actually lived for those. Two words: WORD ART. OMG. I swear I spent all day on the doodle pad, and Caleb and I would stare for hours at his ceiling stars. Still got my VHS collection, and probably 5 rainbow pens. And btw, my second grade self regrets her belief in the blue eraser ;P

23 Things That Will Hit You Right In The Childhood

That Robot Dog I loved so much! The chain of markers was THE BEST, Word art was bea-utiful, and I had those glow in the dark stars all over my room for real. Rainbow pens for life!

Blue Waters - Costa Rica

Rio Celeste waterfall, Costa Rica - Got into this one via horseback. I have a water fall! That you have to get to on horseback! Can it get any better!

Did anyone else feel like this while reading the Matched trilogy?

The struggle is real. I just stop reading a boring book haha

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Harry Potter The Memories

:*( Literally was 13 years of my life, from reading the book in 1998 for the first time, to watching the last movie. So sad.

A Gift Guide for Book Lovers via For my family to reference every gift-giving opportunity.

Gift Guide for Book Lovers - Pink Heels Pink Truck

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