The Lovers Bridge in Paris. Couples attach a padlock to the bridge and throw the key into the river symbolizing their eternal love. adding this to my bucket list.

LOVERS BRIDGE IN PARIS - I put a lock and key on this for Darren and me! lovers fasten padlocks to the railings of the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. The couple then toss the keys into the Seine river below, symbolizing their eternal love

Run the Nike Women's Marathon.  When you finish, a firefighter in a tux gives  you a Tiffany Co. necklace! Ok, this is officially on my bucket list.

Run the Nike Women's Marathon. When you finish, a firefighter in a tux gives you a Tiffany Co. Ok shut up, this is officially on my bucket list. I do not run but i will to get a tiffany & co box and necklace!

Fall Bucket List- Fall needs to hurry up!

Family Fun Fall Bucket List-seems like a list of great ideas to do with friends too!

This would be awesome

From an airplane, yes. I drive past it all the time when visiting my grandparents in Arizona. I would like to take a trip just to The Grand Canyon though.

EQUINOX AURORAS: Last night, the sun’s magnetic field near Earth tipped south. This opened a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere. Solar wind poured in and fueled a magnificent display of arctic Northern Lights. Thilo Bubek took the picture not far from Tromsø, Norway. “We had some nice auroras,” he says, with what can only be described as Norwegian understatement.’

Northern lights, or aurora borealis, stride across clouds above Ersfjord, Norway, shortly before 1 a. on September I WILL see this in person before I die!

Rent a glass igloo in Finland to sleep under the northern lights

Where to Catch the World's Best Light Show

Glass igloos in Finland to sleep under the northern lights. Hotel Kakslauttanen's Igloo Village in northern Lapland. Their 20 glass igloos have thermal panes that keep the digs warm and prevent frosting.

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or a bachelorette party in Vegas

Spend a Birthday in Vegas. Although this is not something I would want to do today (Vegas has really gone downhill), I spent my Birthday in Vegas with my Mom and my childhood friend Amber.

Macys day parade

[ ] walk in the Macy's Day parade. I watch it every Thanksgiving morning while cooking. ✔️ - was the pre-parade participant at the Emily Day parade. It's a start ♥️

As long as you're traveling to some beautiful or exotic location, you might as well consider making your hotel a travel-worthy destination as well. Each of these unusual hotels around the world does its best to provide guests with, in one way or another, a unique and unforgettable experience...

The Igloo Village of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland boasts 20 thermal glass igloos that allow visitors to enjoy incredible views of the Aurora Borealis from the warmth and comfort of their own geodesic hut. Cool place to go experience the Aurora Borealis.


bucket list {Done}: Ride first class. {Several times. I'm envious of the awesome first-class seats every time I fly coach now}

Over a gorgeous city w/ someone even more gorgeous ;p

We had a 5 minute helicopter ride lifting us out of the Grand Canyon after our rafting tour, but I would like to ride one for longer. Take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon next time maybe.

Underwater Hotel Rooms, Fiji. I want to go here!

Nautilus Undersea Suite at The Poseidon Resort, Fiji. Normally I don't post stuff like this, but wow. this is officially my dream vacation spot. I could spend hours lying in bed watching the fish swim by!

before i die | Piccsy :: # before i die. | We Heart It

Yes. I will go to California to see my Best Friend. And I will do this before I die! I doubt about it.

Ride in a hot air balloon

I want to take a road trip to New Mexico for the hot air balloon festival someday!