Dita Von Teese

corset-fetish: Corsets Dita Von Teese in a strict leather corset …

Dita Von Teese. Red lops. Pale skin. Black dress.

Dita Von Teese Every time I dye my hair black, I instantly think of Dita but for some reason I can never get the same black as hers. Her hair is lovely.

Dita von Teese.

dita-von: “ Dita Von Teese ” I have to apologize. At some point I am sure I made the statement that Dita Von Teese can do no wrong with her styling.

How can you not love Dita Von Teese?  Her wedding dress was gorgeous.

Freaky or Fabulous? Dita Von Teese's Purple Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress

Celebrity Wedding Dress Superlatives: Most True to Self: Dita Von Teese Do you really think you could marry Marilyn Manson in a white gown? She never strays from her personal style and this Vivienne Westwood design is Dita.

Dita Von Teese, not only Burlesque...

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