Rotate vs. Revolve Anchor Chart

Science Anchor Chart -Solar System: Rotating and Revolving Teaching Special Thinkers. I would use this to teach the difference between the planets rotating and revolving. After this, I could work my way into the stars and different constellations.

Solar System Hat Activity for Kindergarten - Primary Theme Park

Solar System Hat Activity for Kindergarten

Solar System Hat Activity for Kindergarten; Have kids color the planets as they wish; Older kids can write the planet names; younger kids can write the first letter of the planet.

Balloon Poppin' Fun!

15 fun activities to do with your students at the end of the school year. Just eliminate the balloons

Simple constellation patterns for night lights, flashlights, reference cards, and, and, and...

Teach constellation patterns- print, cut out the circles. punch holes in dots and tape circle to the end of a TP roll. Look through the roll to see the constellation! Shine flashlight through in dark and display constellation on a wall.

Staff Appreciation Idea {Freebie}

Craftibilities: SMART COOKIE Thank you GIFT idea - Could also work for customers after Girl Scout cookie season.

Teacher Appreciation Printables

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

DIY Gift holiday trees free to make Free Printables for teacher appreciation.Cute ideas for gifts or goodies! For The Teacher Lick The Bow.

Order of the Planets Mnemonic Device Life the Flap {Freebie}

Order of the Planets Mnemonic Device Activity Sheet Looking for a fun FREEBIE to add to your space unit or study of the solar system? Help students remember the names and order of the planets with this mnemonic device flip sheet activity.

This Year Was Sweet {Freebie}

This free and FUN craftivity will have your students reflecting on a wonderful year while keeping them busy with the days winding down!

Planets Beginning Reader {Freebie}

***FREE*** 2 Free Science Books for Beginning Readers. This sample set contains 2 science books for beginning readers. The titles included in this set are "All About Nocturnal Animals" and "The Planets." I hope your students enjoy reading them!