house, sweet sent to me by my granddaughter Chelsea.  She said this reminds her of my beautiful garden!

Vadim Trunov's macro photography

A pin sent by s granddaughter named Chelsea. She said this reminds her of her granmother's beautiful garden :) How sweet _

really cool Street Art there is an alligator at the bottom of the picture

Stunning 3D Illusions Street Art

Chalk art - River Rafting by Julian Beever. When looking at great chalk art from the correct angle it's just magic.

Sometimes I think we forget... that nature IS art...

Pink grapefruit oil Painting by Dennis Wojtkiewicz. Makes me dream of this as a stained glass window.

Frosted leaves. I would like to recreate this with fake snow on waxed leaves for a fall wreath.

15 Inspirational Autumn Pictures

When autumn meets winter. The snow lightly kisses the leaves. I so miss the seasons. Especially autumn and winter.


gentle wind sun kissed skin warmer weather life gets better ocean underwater sea depth blue water fresh salt waves crashing white horses force power struggle tide coast guard roar shore la Mer breaking wave sea calling mermaid

beautiful drops

Good Morning Everyone.' Beautiful White Summer yesterday' How about we do, 'Macro Water Drops' with a Flower or Design inside today' Hope you Enjoy'

Natural light refraction from dewdrops, photograph by Lord V [Brian Valentine]

Natural light refraction from dewdrops, photograph by Lord V [Brian Valentine]. I am so intrigued by photographs of drew drops reflecting nature. Need to practice my photography more.

There is a quiet peace in a soft rain - a fresh and clean scent of nature. Bless God for such meaningful moments.

Morning Full of Life — PALETTE KNIFE Landscape Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov - Size: (Schilderij), cm door Leonid Afremov Original Recreation Oil Painting on Canvas This is the best possible quality of recreation made by Leonid Afremov i.



''I see you,' he says, but he does not touch her or bend beside her to help her up. He stands, looking out, and he lights a match. The world flames up around him and then goes dark. They are all of them dark inside. He blows smoke at her fire.

(ART: WATER CHANGES EVERYTHING)-  What differences do you see in the details of the leaf, under the drops of water?

This picture if the water droplets looks really nice and smooth. I like this picture because of the water droplets give off this magnifying effect.

Cracking Eclipse by Arild Heitmann on 500px

I'd love to see a midnight sun. Midnight sun in Norway. It is amazing to see the sun 24 hours a day in Norway.