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If you want your house to smell heavenly, boil some orange peels with a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon on Medium heat. ~ I do this come Fall and everyone loves it - an old Southern trick


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Pinner said "i just tried this - I will NEVER buy Comet, Soft Scrub, etc again. Used in the tub - sprayed on, left for about 1/2 hr - wiped down like nothing there. it is sparkling!"


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When you get out a new roll of toilet paper, place a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the cardboard tube of the toilet paper. This will release the scent of the oil each time the paper is used.


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from Lifehacker

Get Rid of Household Odors with Vanilla Extract

Put two caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then place it in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. Within twenty minutes the whole house smells like Heaven. It's actually a common realtor trick.


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45 Uses for Vinegar

45 Uses for vinegar - use vinegar whenever a cleaning recipe calls for either bleach or peroxide which are both bad for the environment


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I need to try this!


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from Etsy

Terrycloth Toothbrush and Paste Travel Roll in Tangerine Orange...A Pinterest Favorite...great little gift

No more grody wet ziplocs! Yah! Looks pretty simple


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Tub And Shower Magic Recipe

Tub and Shower Magic from This shower cleaner came from an Everyday Cheapskate e-mail, and it is truly magic, as the title states. I just tried it and it got the soap scum off my glass shower door with hardly any scrubbing. It was amazing, as I have tried to clean that door with various products. It is so easy, too. Try it and you will be sold. Be careful because a little bit goes a long way. You need a 24-oz. squirt bottle for this.


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Perfect storage for makeup brushes. and the upside is your bathroom will always smell like coffee. Genius. Review: works like a charm, just be sure not to fill the coffee beans too high. If you do, beans will spill out every time you take a brush out. Also, picking a fancy flavored bean like Hazelnut sounds like a good idea in theory, but I am already tired of smelling it every time I step into the bathroom. I will be switching it with just reg ol' coffee beans.


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