For the days where I want to use the "I don't have enough time!" excuse...

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The "Butts & Guts" Workout to tone your lower body and abs

The "Butts & Guts" Workout to tone your lower body and abs. Quick easy morning work out, trying this in the morning

Easy for you to say

Fitness Fitness Inspiration Fitness Motivation Full Body Meltdown Another quick workout to get your heart pumping.

Would totally rock this with some gold sandals. Especially love the fact that she doesn't feel the need to have her booty hanging out. Perfect length.

I love black and white stripes. I probably own too many items of clothing with black and white stripes but I can't help myself. I love those shorts! I had some hot pink maternity pants that I totally miss wearing, these remind me of them.

from Bob Harper

This shouldn't say "skinny rules". It should be "healthy rules". Never go to bed hungry. Your body will go into starvation mode and make your food that you do eat into fat.

much needed!!!

Thigh Work Out. One of the biggest problem areas us girls have is our thighs. Here is a quick workout to get you on the right track to get those thighs working!

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