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This building is located in Dresden, Germany. It’s called Neustadt Kunsthofpassage. And when it rains it starts to play music. Wish I saw this when I was in Dresden! >:( it was raining that day too! Dresden Germany, Water Walls, When It Rains, Oh The Places You'll Go, Transformers, The Good Place, Perfect Place, Street Art, Beautiful Places

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Outdoor funnel wall makes music when rain falls

Nearby star Gliese might have three potentially habitable planets. Credit: Planetary Habitability Laboratory, University of Puerto Rico Arecibo.

Three Potentially Habitable Planets Found Orbiting Gliese 667C - Universe Today

A closer look at the previously-studied nearby star Gliese 667C has revealed a treasure trove of planets – at least six – with three super-Earths in the habitable zone around the star. Gliese 667C is part of a triple star system (Gliese 667) and is just over one third of the mass of our Sun. … Continue reading "Three Potentially Habitable Planets Found Orbiting Gliese 667C"

This is a reduced version of panorama from NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity with billion pixels in the full-resolution version. It shows Curiosity at the “Rocknest” site where the rover scooped up samples of windblown dust and sand. Nasa Curiosity Rover, Curiosity Mars, Sistema Solar, Mars One, Mars Science Laboratory, Mars Surface, Mars Photos, Perseid Meteor Shower, Universe Today
Nasa Curiosity RoverCuriosity Mars

Spectacular Billion Pixel Panorama from NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover - Universe Today

This is a cropped, reduced version of panorama from NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity with 1.3 billion pixels in the full-resolution version. See full panorama below. It shows Curiosity at the “Rocknest” site where the rover scooped up samples of windblown dust and sand. Curiosity used three cameras to take the component images on several different … Continue reading "Spectacular Billion Pixel Panorama from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover"

Stack Printer - The ‘Stack’ printer by industrial designer Mugi Yamamoto chomps down on stack of paper as you print. Yamamoto’s printer eats away. Yamamoto, Paper Tray, A4 Paper, La Pile, Inkjet Printer, Cool Gadgets, Minimalist Design, Industrial Design, Inventions

Stack printer concept ditches the tray, eats columns of paper instead | Engadget

Let's face it: even clever 2D printers aren't usually fun to watch. Mugi Yamamoto's Stack concept livens things up a bit, however. Instead of relying on a tray, the printer swallows paper from a column underneath -- like an animal that only eats company reports. The trayless design isn't just for novelty's sake, though. Stack is more portable than its conventional peers, and it's much less of a hassle to reload. Yamamoto has had a working Stack prototype for months, but he now tells Wired…

Phobos transiting the Sun as seen by the Mars Curiosity rover on Sol (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems/Texas A & M University).

Curiosity Spies a Martian Annular Eclipse - Universe Today

It’s always interesting to consider the astronomical goings-on that occur under alien skies. On August 17th, Curiosity wowed us once again, catching the above sequence of images of the Martian moon Phobos transiting the Sun. Such phenomena have been captured by the Curiosity, Opportunity and Spirit rovers before, as the twin Martian moons of Deimos … Continue reading "Curiosity Spies a Martian Annular Eclipse"

Apollo Self-Portrait Credit: Charles Conrad, Apollo NASA In November of Apollo 12 astronaut-photographer Charles “Pete” Conrad recorded this masterpiece while documenting colleague Alan Bean’s lunar soil collection activities on the Oceanus Procellarum.


When it starts, what he'll say, and more, all in one helpful primer.

Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs? by Aki Inomata A series of unique, acrylic cityscapes serving as shelter for a homeless hermit crab.

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Hermit crabs carrying city landscapes

Imaginative food art, Romanian artist Dan Cretu creates impressive sculptures with fruits and vegetables. In his work, he transforms the most basic of nourishment—fruits and vegetables, sunflower seeds, and even slices of salami into elaborate food art.

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Imaginative food art by Dan Cretu

Julianne Swartz takes these cool pictures of folks, reflected as silhouetted figures on the soapy surface of giant bubbles. They almost look like mini inhabitants of snow globes. It’s also almost an understatement to say just how magical these images are. Pictures Of People, Cool Pictures, Giant Bubbles, Photo Class, Modern Metropolis, Soap Bubbles, Silhouette Portrait, Photo Tips, Photo Ideas
Pictures Of PeopleCool PicturesSoap BubblesSilhouette Portrait

Photographer takes pictures of people’s soap bubble reflections

Julianne Swartz takes these cool pictures of folks, reflected as silhouetted figures on the soapy surface of giant bubbles. They almost look like mini inha

ALL the rivers in the United States on a single beautiful interactive map! California Map, Tile Projects, Interactive Map, Us Map, Map Design, Map Art, Art Pieces, Geek Stuff, United States
Tile ProjectsInteractive MapUs MapMap ArtUnited States

Mapping all the rivers in the United States

Inspired by Ben Fry’s All Streets map, which showed every road in the United States, Nelson Minar mapped every river to similar effect. As you’d expect, the geography of the United Stat…

REALLY interesting visual representation of how the world population has grown over the centuries. Predicted world population for 7 BILLION! Visualizing How a Population Grows to 7 Billion by Adam Cole, NPR.

Ben Harrow - What Makes an Infographic Cool? — Cool Infographics

Guest Post by Ben Harrow Infographics are a visual representation of engaging and enlightening statistics or facts - as Randy puts it, “infographics turn data into information”. Now, a lot of interesting people have said a lot of interesting things about what makes an infographic ‘cool’ -

Sarah Fay & Justin Colt is raising funds for Gift Couture Steak Wrapping Paper on Kickstarter! A fresh new steak on gift wrap! Wrapping Paper Design, Gift Wrapping Paper, Wrapping Papers, Wrapping Ideas, Man Crates, Steak Wraps, Gift Wrapper, Tomato And Cheese, Butcher Paper
Man CratesSteak Wraps

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Steak wrapping paper

Mars Art: Rarely Seen Gems From Curiosity Rover’s Raw Image Collection. Light and shadow line up on the Martian regolith. A chance alignment looks sort of like a pink heart.


Massive: Saturn and its rings would cover almost 18 degrees of the night sky, according to Mr Miller's calculations - The incredible drawings imagine each planet to be miles from Earth - the same distance at which the moon orbits. Cosmos, Ufo, Mail Design, Minnesota, Thought Experiment, Our Solar System, To Infinity And Beyond, Image Shows, Night Skies

Planets in Orbit Around Earth! — Cool Infographics

What if we had a planet instead of a Moon? Photographer, space artist, illustrator and former art director for the National Air & Space Museum’s Albert Einstein Planetarium, Ron Miller , created a series of very cool images that visualize how the rest of the planets in our solar

Bell's Brewery releasing new craft brew that's out of this world! I love Bell's! Bells Beer, Michigan Crafts, Craft Bier, Blonde Ale, Musical Composition, More Beer, Beer Brewery, How To Make Beer, Flyer
Bells BeerCraft BierBeer BreweryHow To Make BeerFlyer

Celestial Suds: Brewery Introducing 'Planets' Beer Series

Starting next month, Bell's Brewery will begin releasing seven new beers inspired by the planets of the solar system (except Earth).

Ad agency Y in Brazil created these iconic movie posters as viewed from different angles for a campaign for LG’s Home Theater Sound. The three movie posters for Kill Bill, Forrest Gump and Pretty Woman are represented in this campaign Famous Movie Posters, Famous Movies, Iconic Movies, Popular Movies, Classic Movies, Forrest Gump, Kill Bill, Funny Commercials, Funny Ads

Movie posters, viewed from behind

We love stuff that mess with our minds, so it’s great to see just what ad agency Y&R Sao Paulo and photographer Lúcio Cunha did to promote a new surround s