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Sharing Writing Tips

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Sharing Writing Tips

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How to use a quirk to give your character depth, and what makes it the RIGHT quirk.

How often do you re-read your favorite books? And what do they say about you?

How to create actionable content that astonishes people, delights them, and makes them share and spread the word about it.

Writing tips that help you write for online audiences // 3 resources to help you nail the online writing style

E.C. Moore considers a #friendship that could have been and the birth of a #muse. "[W]henever I get to feeling doubtful or lazy, or ready to give up on fiction, I ask myself, 'What would Janice do?'"

7 Tipps für lebendige Romanfiguren von Titus Müller

Karen Louise Peralta - Google Search

Karen Louise Peralta - Google Search

14 problems only British Jewish girls face

Synonyms for Parts of the Body for Romance Writers!

6 creative ideas for brainstorming and writing exercises. Great for writing clubs and homeschooling!

6 creative ideas for brainstorming and writing exercises. Great for writing clubs and homeschooling!

Der neue Self-Publishing Guide von epubli hilft euch mit vielen Tipps & Tricks und Gastbeiträgen von Experten bei der Bucherstellung, -gestaltung und beim Buchmarketing. Schaut mal rein und ladet euch das kostenlose eBook herunter:

Sneak into Publishing through This Back Door. I see your gates are locked, publishing industry. Let's see how long that lasts.

Writing inspiration for where to find story ideas so good they practically write themselves and a free eBook on what to do after you write a book.

The Art of Brevity: 5 Powerful Techniques to Cut the Fluff from Your Fiction (A Resource Roundup For Writers). Writing tips.

Menu Musings of a Modern American Mom: Yogurt Marinated Greek-Style Chicken Gyros

Writing prompt: It wasn't my idea to destroy it. But it was my job to get it done.

#LeanCommunication can be an effective tool. Jack Malcolm reminds us that it does have limits. "[S]trive to add value, briefly and clearly—except when it contradicts your more important goals, common sense, or good taste."

"Failing to plan is one of the most common mis-steps I see authors (and even marketers) make when marketing books. I think that one of the underlying reasons for this is fear. Not fear of marketing, but fear of creating one of those huge 50 page marketing plans... So I want to introduce you to your new best friend, I call her an Action Plan," writes Katherine Sears.

What does a writer’s day really look like? Find out from Tricia Goyer!

Schritt für Schritt: Grundfunktionen von Microsoft Word 2010 - Teil 2: Bilder, Grafiken und Tabellen