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Listen up chiquitas...we all our own way. Someone doesn't like it...find new friends, find people who can **see** you for who you are and what you can become. Live your life with joy knowing that, while you progress and learn and grow, you are enough and always have been. :)
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Shieldmaiden by on @deviantART

Shieldmaiden by VendelRus on deviantART

Seraphine Louis Seraphine de Senlis

Séraphine Louis: Magical French Female Painter - French Truly

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Lifestyle Archives - Nourish

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J.D. Salinger Quote Typed on Typewriter

J.D. Salinger - Reminds me of a small section from "The Laughing Man": "Offhand, I can remember seeing just three girls in my life who struck me as having unclassifiably great beauty at first sight."

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Confidence Queens from 9 to 99

Esther Tuttle, age 99 How to be confident: Treasure your health every day. "Your body is your instrument, and you have to take beautiful care of it. I do one hour of yoga and walk for 30 minutes every day. You really enjoy life a lot more if you're healthy. And I never leave home without putting on lipstick—it makes me feel pretty!"

Confidence-Boosting Tips from Real Women Age 9 to 99

Rita Levi-Montalcini (1909-2012). Italian neurologist 103 years active and working. Nobel Prize (Physiology/Medicine) for her discovery of nerve growth factor. Inspiring for all women. ~ 'I tell young people: Do not think of yourself, think of others. Think of the future that awaits you, think about what you can do and do not fear anything. Do not fear the difficulties: I've had many in the past and I crossed without fear, with total indifference for myself'

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Blowhards, Beware: Megyn Kelly Will Slay You Now

Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier. Styled by Jessica Diehl.

Blowhards Beware: Megyn Kelly Will Slay You Now

Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it. #bounceback

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[Helen] Beatrix Potter, Mrs William Heelis (1866–1943). When she died in 1943, she left over 4,000 acres of land, 16 farms, cottages and herds of cattle and Herdwick sheep to the British National Trust. Hers was the largest gift at that time to the National Trust, and it enabled the preservation of the lands now included in the Lake District National Park and the continuation of fell farming. The central office of the National Trust in Swindon, England was named 'Heelis' in 2005 in her…

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The San Francisco Globe.. Zaria Forman is no ordinary artist. Her work isn't just moving and dramatic but the most impressive part...? She paints with her FINGERS.

Just Thought It Was Water. When I Stepped Back, My Jaws Dropped!

ELETHEOWL — stefturgeon: Dusty Button

La Recoleta Cemetery ~ Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Deseret Designs: Relief Society

Deseret Designs: Relief Society

Such a strong, motivational young woman who has overcome tremendous obstacles.

Overcoming Obstacles: Amanda Sullivan - SPARTAN RACE™ Blog

"If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going." - Harriet Tubman. [Applies to many situations...]

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Urgut, Uzbekistan

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Now that's a useful grave marker.

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Smiling Tibetan Lady

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Kalash women in NW Pakistan

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Excellent article: An Open Letter to the Fat Girl I Saw at Hot Yoga in New York City by Joshilyn Jackson

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Camille Claudel

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Mother Teresa and Princess Diana

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Mother Teresa Wisdom

Mother Theresa & Lady Diana

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Amelia Earhart at sixteen, St. Paul Schools, Minnesota, 1914

Daughters of the Game | Overtime