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Wine flies....


I Know You're Scared Right Now, Maybe You Miss Someone, Maybe Your Heart Hurts A Little Or A Lot Or Maybe You're Not Quite SUre Of Who You Are Or What You Want. But That Feeling You Want Back, The One Where It Doesn't Seem Like The Whole World Is Against You. It's Still Here, It Never Really Left You And One Day You Will Realise That The Only Person Who Can Find It Again Is You.

"If I told you that my heart hurt so much, sometimes, I want to rip it from my chest with my own little hands...I would fall apart. And I don't have time to fall apart." Greys Anatomy quotes


Yes, I have been backstabbed, made mistakes, told him how i felt, had my heart broken, plastered on make up just for him, no self-confidence, lost my best friend, blasted my music to tune out the world, laughed so hard i cried & cried my self to sleep, self-inflicted wounds, stood up for myself & for a friend. Yes, I HAVE!

Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness

This is kind of really very much how I feel on the subject. I want to be able to know when it's a time for which of those.

feel that fire