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autism awareness tattoos

autism awareness tattoos

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Joe Breeze Becton of F.I.N.A.O. Ink in North Providence RI brought this idea to life

My first tattoo #puzzle

white ink tattoo | Tumblr

white ink tattoo for gav

I love this design! I'm thinking about getting this on my right shoulder with the pieces going down my arm.

Autism awareness, "Finding Nemo" style :)

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    Terrance Tennant


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Autism awareness tattoo :)

Newly done tattoo. Meaning I love u in ASL with Autism and Green for Cerbral Palsy. Represents my son.

Totally going to talk my brother into getting this! He would ROCK it!

tattoo honoring children with autism ♥

30 Digital Autism and Autism tattoo Designs With Meanings

Rainbow tattoo.....going to make the little girl into a boy and have it put on my hip for Ethan! The colors of our puzzle piece! Autism Awareness!!! He loves his balloons!

Via Ink4Autism Nov 16, 2013 - Sent in by Brooke Snyder "My mother/autism tattoo for my son Hunter. Some by Michael Attire of Screaming Crow- Pittsburgh PA." Visit Ink4Autism

This may not be beautiful to you, but to me it embraces my son. I found this tatoo online. Darth Vader is light sabering an autism puzzle piece revealing a Lego. This was for his son, but has capture mine perfectly.

Autism tattoo

A friends asked me to draw a butterfly for autism Tattoo. Here it is. Hope you all like it!

The Autism tattoo I got in honor of my son.

Autism tattoo idea

Mario autism tattoo. Reminds me of my brother for sure!

Autism tattoo

Sent it by Steampunk Tattoo in State College, PA. Their 1st autism tattoo for the month and its a beautiful one! Thanks!

Autism tattoo

30 Digital Autism and Autism tattoo Designs and Meanings

30 Digital Autism and Autism tattoo Designs With Meanings

Care Bear autism tattoo :)

love this!!!!! Autism tattoo