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About Tracy Sestili

This board reveals 9+ unknown facts about me under each picture. Enjoy!

About Tracy Sestili

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Beverly Fund fights back against lung cancer. #TBT

Beverly Fund fights back against lung cancer

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#1 I'm originally from Philadelphia and this board will reveal 8 other unknown facts about me. Click on each picture to reveal a new fact.

#2 My mother died from lung cancer in 2006 which inspired me to create a nonprofit for lung cancer, which I run in my spare time.

#3 I don't eat refined sugar and I'm a red wine and champagne girl. I have a new affinity for honey these days. And I had my first candy bar at age 11.

#4 I'm easy going and like a chameleon in most instances. I'm results driven and a "solutions" girl.

#5 I'm a Twitter addict and social media junkie and I think Google is going to soon rule the world...@tracysestili

#6 I love all movies except for horror movies and my dream is to one day go to the Oscars. I have so many favorite movies: The Breakfast Club, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Shawshank Redemption, The Verdict, Rocky, Saturday Night Fever, Grease and a guilty pleasure of Top Gun & Pretty Woman.

#7 Exercise: I love Bikram yoga for my body. If I don't sweat, it's not a workout for me. For my brain, I love Scrabble. I'm also an avid Words With Friends player - feel free to challenge me to a game "tracypie"

#9 Some of my favorite things: my husband, designer shoes, massages, graphic design, eating out with friends, and board games.

#8 One of my flaws is the inability to keep my mouth shut. I know you should only open it when it will move the conversation forward, but sometimes, although my intentions are good, I forget. I hope others can forgive!