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Original artwork by Tracy Wallschlaeger
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two mouses on a sunflower with clouds in the background
Sunflower friends
a drawing of a black bird with a crown on its head sitting next to a jar of peanut butter
The riddle
a painting of a woman with sea stars on her head
Silent spring
A Girl
A girl and her raccoon
a painting of two white cats in a field of red flowers
Poppy cat
a drawing of a peacock sitting on top of a tree branch with its feathers spread out
a painting of a church with a cross on the roof and an open door leading to it
The old church
a painting of a mouse on a pumpkin
Hi ho pumpkin
a painting of a woman with flowers and a bird on her shoulder
The Songbird
a pencil drawing of a young man with butterflies around him and his hand on his head
Moose Art, Humanoid Sketch
a painting of a woman wearing a hat with flowers and a raccoon on it
Grace & Rebecca
a pencil drawing of a wolf walking in the woods
The storybook wolf
a painting of a dog looking up at a hummingbird flying by it's nose
My girl