Teaching unit 2 systems of equations

Teaching unit 2 systems of equations

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Self- Correcting "Choose Your Own Journey" books: Students make choices and end up writing and solving systems of equations using different methods.

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Fly or Drive: systems of linear equations

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Multiplying Matrices - Color with a Purpose

Mrs. E Teaches Math: Using Color with a Purpose


Mrs. E Teaches Math: Ideas for practicing factoring and a link to a free matching card activity

Mrs. E Teaches Math: Factoring Practice!


Long tails of \int_e^r est: Matrix Multiplication

Long tails of \int_e^r est: Matrix Multiplication


MissMathDork: middle school math made FUN!: System of Equations Freebie!

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System of equations. AlgebraClass.com

Solving a System of Equations


Make solving systems of equations more fun with this color by number! Twelve systems of equations are incorporated into this activity. They may be solved using either the elimination or substitution method. Answer key included CCSS A-REI

Systems of Equations Color by Number


Solving Systems Graphically | Skubes

Solving Systems Graphically


This is awesome!!! Algebras Friend: Virtual Filing Cabinet {online lesson resources listed by Algebra topic}

Algebra's Friend: Filing Cabinet - A1


Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing

Math = Love: Newest Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook Pages


Magnet races are similar to good old-fashioned board races with chalk and are loads of fun!

Magnet Races: Systems of Equations


Function composition whiteboard practice: Pick a yellow f(x) and a blue g(x). Roll a dice to tell you what to do with them.

Teaching Statistics: Made4Math - Function Operations


Piecewise functions

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Yummy math scatter plots

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The Secondary Classroom can be fun too.....: An Inspired Linear Programming Foldable

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Finding maximum and minimum values linear programming foldable

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Looking for ideas for teaching systems of equations and polynomials? Check out Skating Through Algebra Graphic Organizers: Systems of Equations & Polynomials. All organizers come with answer sheets. ($)

Systems of Equations and Polynomials: Skating Through Algebra


What are some real world uses for multiplying matrices?

What are some real world uses for multiplying matrices?


Activities: Algebra Tic-Tac-Toe...Pretty neat for solving equations or inequalities!

Algebra Tic-Tac-Toe


Matrix... [Expectation/Reality]

Expectations Vs. Reality [24 Pics]


These foldable notes are great for use in interactive notebooks! Factoring can be difficult for algebra students. Hopefully, these notes will help them by providing structure to the process. The foldable includes notes and examples to "Find the GCF", "Special Cases", "Factor Trinomials", "Factor by Grouping", and "Avoid Common Errors/Issues".

Factoring Foldable Notes for Algebra


Polynomials (parabolas) in Real Life - YouTube Like this one, too!

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Sometimes this is how math class feels.

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Use sticky notes to make substitution (systems of equations) a visual, more concrete concept!

Sticky Note Substitution - ATLTGames