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Crazy Quilting, Beading, Embroidery . . .

I admire the many hours and talent it takes to create one of these masterpieces with needle and thread . . .

Crazy Quilting, Beading, Embroidery . . .

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I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & embroidery . . . Pastel Crazy Quilt Block ~By Sandra, wichcraft

New Beginnings Bead Journal Project for April, 2008. Bead embroidery on fabric. This one was totally improvisational... no pre-planned concept at all. Now that it's finished it seems to be all about rebirth, spring, a gentle movement toward something new... definitely transitions. ~By Robin Atkins

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & embroidery . . . CQJP 2013, The January block is finished! ~By Suztats

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & ribbon embroidery . . . Crazy quilting for my children- Silk Ribbon Roses This is one of 3 blocks made for my children. They will each have one and they will be reminded of me and our garden ~By wagonwife

Crazy quilting for my children project on

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . CQJP Block 7 ~By Maureen Bond, crazyQstitcher

I ❤ embroidery . . . I notice how the chains stitches meander as well, outlining and filling in the shapes.  The thread travels from space to space without being cut...this saves tons of time and yet, it's done so well that you don't really see it unless you look closely. ~From Plays with Needles

I ❤ embroidery . . . An antique, circular table topper... Embroidered on a net ground using a Luneville or Beauvais hook.  The hook makes tiny chain stitches, also referred to as Point de Beauvais... This embroidery style came to France via Italy and originated in China. You can read more about this embroidery style here and read of the Point de Beauvais museum located in Bourg-le-Roi near Normandy. I hope to visit there one day. ~From Plays with Needles

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . In the quilt shows of today traditional and art quilts are given much glory but it is hard to get the judges to agree that crazy quilts are quilts too! Just because the crazy quilt may not have batting or may not be quilted does not mean they are not quilts. In reality, the crazy quilts are some of the finest "Art Quilts" in the world! ~By Pig Tails and Quilts

Pigtales and Quilts

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . Encrusted block for Ritva in CQI. ~By Margreet Draadjespaleis

Margreet's Draadjespaleis

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . ATC Stitched Patchwork Print- Traded ~By konnykards

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . Block 03 - Vanity- Mini beaded bag, tiny glove, cameo, corsage, pearl strand, lace handkerchief & dresser hand mirror...all important yet common parts of a Victorian lady's vanity top. ~By Connie Eyberg

Block 03 - Vanity

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . Gerry's block ~By Pinyon Creek Stitchin'

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . On one of the blocks I want a rose arbor and two I've done in the past which I liked was a lace arbor and a twig arbor. The twig arbor was for Ati and is on a piece of lace her grandmother made.The trick here was to have the arbor and cover as little of the lace as possible. ~By olderrose

I ❤ crazy quilting, beadwork & ribbon embroidery . . . Leonie's block for 2008 Wall hanging ~By BarbaraB

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . Thank you so much to Lilla Le Vine for creating this wonderful Gypsy Purse tutorial for us, including her own methods for making velvet flowers for embellishments, Scroll to the right for instructions, which can be highlighted for easy reading.

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . I finished the final block in our Southern Cross Crazies RR & I am just about to post the block off to its owner. It's the first time that I have worked on a RR. I was nervous. It was lucky that the other 7 ladies were very good embroiderers & I had such lovely work to view every month. I got to see other peoples work but I also got a chance to work with other colours & ideas & we only had to add an eighth of a part of the block ~By Linda Steele

Linda Steele Quilt Blog: Round Robin Final

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . Encrusted DYB by CQI. Made for Ritva. ~By Margreet from Holland

I ❤ quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . Textile book: houses of the world - the Victorian ~By Nath

Carnet textile : maisons du monde - la victorienne

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & embroidery . . . Secret Swap Crackers- Finished and ready to send at the end of November to my friends in the SouthernCrossCrazies group. The full Cracker work for both of the above is in the SCC set ~By crzayQstitcher

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . Fabric book page for Wendy. Wendy's theme is peacocks. I painted the white lace peacock with Ozecraft dye. Made a CQ background. ~By Ati, Norway

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . Art Nouveau back cover for the fabricbook. ~By Margreet from Holland

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . Midnite garden 2 ~By Stitch Empress

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & embroidery . . . CQI beaded RR - Jo's completed block. All the beaded seams were done by Lauri.


I ❤ embroidery . . . Cottage Garden Notebook- Sky blue wool fibers have been felted to a background of kunin felt (from recycled plastic bottles). Textured, hand-dyed wool tops, some of them with lovely curls, have been felted in clumps to represent the planting. Stitching in fine cotton has been added to the sky to 'stabilise' the felting. Simple embroidery stitches, cotton threads, crewel, tapestry & knitting wools, have been used to create more foliage & the pretty flowers.

Fabric Crafts - Page 2 | Craftjuice Handmade Social Network

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . Luscious Lace for Peggy- Daisies, daisies, daisies. Inspired by the prints on her block. ~By stitchintime