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Embroidery Stitches, some with instructions + Patterns

I would love to say everyone of my pins has instructions included if you click on the picture, but not all do.

Embroidery Stitches, some with instructions + Patterns

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I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . Embroidered Bee ~From TeriYoung KaraMason, Through the Needle's Eye

I ❤ embroidery . . . Blanket stitch scallops~ Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

blanket stitch scallops » Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

I ❤ embroidery . . . Tutorial~ Whipped back stitch creates a slightly raised line which is simple, quick & easy to work. Work a foundation row of back stitches. Make each stitch slightly longer & looser than usual. Next whip the row. You do this by bringing the needle up from the foundation fabric, take the thread over the top & pass the needle under the first back stitch. Do not pick up any of the fabric as you whip.

I ❤ embroidery . . . In this tutorial, I’ll take you step by step through working the up & down buttonhole stitch on a slant. Before we start, though, if you’re not familiar with the stitch, you might want to watch my video tutorial for the up & down buttonhole stitch.

Tiny Buds on a Vine – A Stitch Fun Tutorial

I ❤ embroidery . . . A complete list of the embroidery stitches featured on this site. Includes the basic stitches for beginners to embroidery, as well as variations of well-known embroidery stitches & stitches for a wide range of embroidery types.

Every Embroidery Stitch You'll Ever Need

Stitching your handwriting~ One of my favorite crafts is hand stitching-- it's fun, addictive, expressive & relaxing :) Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share easy ways to make your own patterns for hand stitching along with some tips & ideas :)

DIY Hand Stitching, part 1

I ❤ embroidery . . . The Damask Stitch Tutorial~ An example of the Damask stitch used in the 'Elegant' Pattern.

I ❤ embroidery . . . Tucker Star Dimensional Embroidery Tutorial

Tutorial Star, Tucker

You can embroider without scissors. You can embroider without a hoop. But one thing you can’t embroider without is a needle. The needle is the Most Important Embroidery Tool for the stitcher. It is the one tool a stitcher cannot do without. Because needles are essential to embroidery, if you’re interested in embroidery, the subject of needles is worth exploring.

Ever wonder what thread is what, and how it is different from other threads? Here's a list of articles that can help dispel thread confusion

I ❤ embroidery . . . Raised Cup Stitch~ How to Make the Raised Cup Stitch in Hand Embroidery.

I ❤ embroidery . . . Bullion Rose Bud Video Tutorial~ Bullion Knot Rose Bud - hand embroidery.

I ❤ embroidery . . . DMC’S GENERAL STITCHING TIPS: Embroidery Stitches & Embroidery Stitch Guide

Embroidery Stitches

I ❤ embroidery . . . Daisy Stitch Video Tutorial~ The detached chain stitch, also known as the “lazy daisy” or just “daisy” stitch, is an isolated stitch – that is, it stands on its own as a stitch, without being connected to another stitch. The detached chain stitch is a very popular embroidery stitch, because it’s an easy & pretty stitch. It’s perfect for flowers, petals, & leaves, but can be used in lots of different ways.

Daisy Stitch Video Tutorial – Needle’

I ❤ embroidery . . . Raised Fishbone Stitch Video Tutorial~ Incidentally, the different between the fishbone stitch & the raised fishbone stitch is more than just the fact that the raised version sits higher on the fabric. It’s also created a little differently – it is stitched practically backwards, when compared to the movement of the regular fishbone stitch.

Raised Fishbone Stitch Video Tutorial – Needle’

I ❤ embroidery . . . Fly Stitch Leaves~ The advantage of embroidering leaves using fly stitch is that you can very easily change the look or shape of the leaf simply by altering the way you begin the leaf or where you start & end the fly stitches. You can also vary the size of leaves by embroidery more or few fly stitches. If you’re not familiar with fly stitch, feel free to take a look at my fly stitch video tutorial.

Stitch Fun: Fly Stitch Leaves – Needle’

I ❤ embroidery . . . Rose Leaf Stitch~ There are a couple “tools” that will help make this stitch easier. The first one is a strip of card stock about an inch wide & a couple inches long. Since one of my handy helpers in my workroom is my stack of 3×5″ index cards, I just used one of those. I cut out four of the line areas, which gave me a 1″ wide piece of card.

Stitch Fun: Rose Leaf Stitch – Needle’

I ❤ embroidery . . . Bokhara Couching Video Tutorial. ~By Mary Corbet

Bokhara Couching Video Tutorial

I ❤ embroidery . . . Rosette Chain Stitch ~By Mary Corbet

Rosette Chain Stitch

I ❤ embroidery . . . Knotted Diamond Stitch for Hand Embroidery. ~By Mary Corbet

Knotted Diamond Stitch for Hand Embroidery

I ❤ ribbon embroidery . . . How to make silk ribbon embroidery dragonflies. shows you how to embroider these beautiful silk ribbon work dragonflies. This straight forward film demonstrates how to create wings, body & limbs of these creatures, in addition to showing you how to color your embroidery

how to make silk ribbon embroidery dragonflies

I ❤ embroidery . . . bullion buttonhole, It is an ideal stitch to use as a seam embellishment in crazy quilting as the spines can be further decorated with beads. ~By SharonB, PinTangle

Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch 71 Bullion Buttonhole

I ❤ embroidery . . . bullion buttonhole step 1 ~By SharonB, PinTangle

Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch 71 Bullion Buttonhole

I ❤ embroidery . . . bullion buttonhole step 2 ~By SharonB, PinTangle

Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch 71 Bullion Buttonhole

I ❤ embroidery . . . bullion buttonhole step 3 ~By SharonB, PinTangle

Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch 71 Bullion Buttonhole