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Statistically one in three bites of food you put into your mouth today is the result of the hard working yet humble honeybee. Sadly, bees are dying off at a rather alarming rate. People all over the world have done what they can, from planting flowers that bees like to visit, petitioning their governments to stop using pesticides that kill bees, and even keeping bees themselves. Morgan Freeman is no different.

Morgan Freeman Changed His 124 Acre Ranch Into A Bee Sanctuary To Help Save The Bees

I like U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

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“Shame on every candidate in that debate! The tragic mass shooting in San Bernardino took center stage during tonight’s GOP debate on national security, as it should have. The murders of 14 innocent Americans cannot go ignored, & neither should the method & the implements that were used to commit this act of terror. Yet, when asked by CNN ‘How do you stop another attack like the one in San Bernardino?’ not a single candidate talked about the need to keep guns out of the hands of people . . .

San Bernardino Takes Center Stage in GOP Debate, Yet the Topic of Guns Ignored

We sent a box of Froot Loops to a lab for genetic testing & found 100% of the corn was GMO, containing both Roundup Ready & Bt corn as well as some Roundup Ready soy. Sugar is also a Roundup Ready GMO. Roundup Ready means the GMOs are sprayed with Roundup (glyphosate), a toxic weed killer, which is absorbed by the plant. We followed up & sent Froot Loops to a toxicology lab to test for glyphosate residue. The lab documented a level of glyphosate residue in Froot Loops that gives significant

petition: Kellogg's: Get GMOs Out Of Your Products

Great idea! Forty percent of food in the United States is never eaten, amounting to $165 billion a year in waste, taking a toll on the country's water resources & significantly increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

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URGENT, PLEASE SIGN & SHARE~ I am very concerned about the use of neonicotinoid insecticides as a coating on seeds used to grow your company’s popcorn products. As you may know, bees & other pollinators are suffering alarming population losses, & scientists consistently identify pesticides, specifically a group of insecticides called neonicotinoids, as a primary factor in poor pollinator health.

Sign the petition: Tell Pop Secret to Stop Killing Bees!

Help Put an End to Seafood Fraud~ As the task force works to implement its action plan, I ask that you rapidly expand traceability to all seafood sold in the U.S. & extend it through the full supply chain. This is the most effective way to provide consumers with adequate information about their seafood, protect fishers & seafood businesses that are competing with illegal & fraudulent products, and help stop IUU fishing that is harming our oceans.

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Tell U.S. Dairies to Stop Wasting Milk! According to government data, Northeast dairies dumped 31 percent more milk this year than over the same time period in 2014. All that milk could have been used to feed calves that were removed from their mothers for the veal industry, or hungry people worldwide. The grains that contribute to the milk surplus could have also been better used to feed the hungry. Instead, dairy farmers are dumping their milk while doing nothing to curb milk production.

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Sketch of girl found dead on Deer Island released

PLEASE SHARE~ BOSTON —Help identify a little girl found dead in a trash bag on Deer Island in Boston last week. Officials released sketches of the girl on Thursday. Images on the Mass State Police FB page. Over 1.5 million people have viewed the sketch on WCVB's Facebook page. Investigators said she was about 4 years old with brown eyes?& brown hair that was about 14 inches long. They said the girl was about 3 1/2 feet tall & weighed just over 30 pounds, which was normal for her height.

Sketch of girl found dead on Deer Island released

Deplorable conditions & pay for farmworkers on large produce farms in Mexico have been in the news a lot lately, most recently due to a large farmworker strike in Baja that started March 19th. Lack of sanitation, little to no bedding, withholding of already inadequate wages, & restricting workers’ ability to leave were detailed by the LA Times & other media. Tell Subway, Yard House, Olive Garden, Capital Grill), & Taco Bell & Pizza Hut to clean up their supply chains & be fair to…

Fair World Project: Take Action

Huntington Beach Lawyer Matt McLaughlin has proposed an outrageous initiative called the "Sodomite Suppression Act," which would allow gays and lesbians to be killed. It is absolutely atrocious that someone who advocates for such violence and bigotry should be able to practice law in the state of California. A section of the initiative reads: "...the People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes…

Petition: Disbar Bigoted California Lawyer

Pledge to Stop Climate Change~ Climate change does not discriminate. 99% of all weather-related disaster deaths occur in developing countries—that contribute just 1% of world carbon emissions. We are all citizens of just one world, and it's up to us to help. A coordinated worldwide effort is needed to create environmental sustainability. The impact of climate change is being felt throughout the world.

Petition: Pledge to Stop Climate Change

Tell Obama & Kerry - Address the Mega Drought Threat~ This is an unprecedented danger, & it requires an unprecedented public response. Urge President Obama & Secretary of State Kerry to do everything in their power to reduce US carbon emissions & push international leaders to do the same in the lead-up to the December 2015 meeting on climate change.

Petition: We Need Action to Avert Mega Droughts

It's time for Congress to help U.S. Marines given toxic drinking water! One million Marines and family members who served our country at Camp Lejeune, NC, between 1953 and 1987 (including me) were given contaminated water to drink, cook, and wash in. Benzene, vinyl chloride, PCE - even diesel fuel leaked into our wells & gave many Marines horrible cancer! Dan Rather called it "the worst example of water contamination this country has ever seen."

Petition: These Marine families were given toxic water to drink

Don't Let Wyoming Teach Bad Science! That's right, folks. Wyoming state leaders, including the governor, have blocked the teaching of Next Generation Science Standards, an approved science curriculum developed by twenty-six states & national science education organizations. What sticks in Wyoming's throat is that the new standards teach that climate change is real. But that's a lesson that Wyoming leaders refuse to learn.

Don't Let Wyoming Teach Bad Science! - The Petition Site

Russian President Vladimir Putin has just signed a law that would require bloggers with over 3,000 followers to register with the Roskomnadzor, Russia's media office. The law would cover traditional blogs as well as "microblogs," including Twitter & Facebook statuses. In addition to registering with the media office, popular bloggers would be forced to publish their surname, initials & email address.

Putin: Don't Stifle Bloggers'... - The Petition Site

Help us take a stand against bullying by taking the pledge to #CutTheBull~ Kids with physical disabilities are twice as likely to be bullied. At Shriners Hospitals for Children®, we get to know thousands of patients who are coping with orthopedic conditions, spinal cord injuries, burns, or cleft lip or palate. And it breaks our heart to think they may be subjected to abuse when they return to school.

Take the Pledge to #CutTheBull - The Petition Site

PLEASE READ & SHARE~ 'Spice' is a deadly ingredient~ Family of teen who died after smoking synthetic pot warns others to stay away from the powerful and unpredictable drug. Loved ones of 19-year-old Connor Eckhardt, look on as a helicopter carrying Connor's heart flies off from Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach on Thursday

'Spice' is a deadly ingredient

ESPN, Reprimand Panelist Who Implied Battered Women Provoke Beatings~ The NFL punished Ravens running back Ray Rice with a 2-game suspension after he allegedly knocked his fiance unconscious. But then ESPN panelist Stephen A. Smith responded by advising battered women not to provoke their abusers.

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Congress: Pass Expanded Background Checks~ A gaping hole in our laws allows criminals and others to go to private sellers at gun shows, on the internet, and elsewhere to buy guns with no background check, no questions asked. More than 90% of Americans say that they support fixing the criminal background check system for gun sales by getting the names of everyone who isn't allowed to buy a gun into the background check system, and providing a background check for every gun purchase,

Congress: Pass Expanded Background Checks - The Petition Site

NJ Baby Latest to Die in Recalled Nap Nanny Chair~ Why don't they send notices to people who purchased this product or do a campaign to let the public know just how dangerous this product is? . . .!!!!! How many infants have to die before they do something?

NJ Baby Latest to Die in Recalled Nap Nanny Chair

URGENT~ Add Labels to Genetically Modified Food Products!The reason as to why Americans should know what they are eating & what products have GMOs is because of studies tested on rats and the effects on them when put on a "GM (gentically modifed) Diet." The test showed that rats developed mammary tumors and severe liver & kidney damage as early as four months in males and seven months in females. Now imagine when you are eating foods that cause this to rats.

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Vote With Your Wallet: Go GMO-Free~ It's about time Monsanto & its sister companies learned it's rude to play with our food. Our government has yet to ban GMO products, but we can vote with our wallets by refusing to buy GMO products. If enough of us eliminate GMO foods from our diets, we have a shot at getting rid of GMOs in America once & for all.

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Sign the petition and tell Congress: Pass the "Saving America's Pollinators Act" to protect our bees and food supply! Nearly 70 percent of Iowa's precious bees were too sick, poisoned by toxic agricultural pesticides produced by Bayer & Monsanto -- to survive this winter's frigid temperatures. Colony Collapse Disorder is a worldwide catastrophe, & what comes next is even worse. A quarter of everything we eat, from apples to watermelon, depends on bee pollination. Our food supply is at risk!

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PETITION TO CONGRESS: The Supreme Court Just Eliminated The Fifth Amendment. We are appalled by the recent SCOTUS decision to gut the Fifth Amendment. We call on our lawmakers to pass legislation to re-establish our right to remain silent and require law enforcement to spread word of this awful change in the meantime.

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