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How to preserve the bark on a tree stump make a table or stool out of it.

How To: DIY Stump Table | 17 Apart: How To: DIY Stump Table

Everyday products, from bagels to tonic water, contain minuscule amounts of drugs or metabolites that may trigger a false positive drug test result.

6 Everyday Things That Can Make You Fail A Drug Test

One of our favorite DIY victories to date (and so cheap!).

Making Old Discolored Grout Look Like New

The error proof way to get perfect caulk lines.

Clean Vintage Bathroom Tiles & Caulk More Cleanly With Painter's Tape

How to Transfer Your Old VHS Tapes to Your Computer {Easy tutorial}

Learn How to Transfer VHS Tapes to Your Computer and Save Your Home Videos!

How to hem jeans the correct way leaving the original edging intact.

DIY: Hem Jeans Fast & Easy

Taking Care of The Kids with Doctor On Demand - Emily Henderson

Taking Care of The Kids with Dr on Demand - Emily Henderson

The actress is answering your sex questions with absolutely no filter.

Jessica Biel on Her Super Vagina and Digging for Lost Condoms

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A MUST PIN for summer. Homemade Cooling Sunburn Treatment. Easy and so good. @Jami Beintema Beintema Beintema Beintema Bodine Martin

{Homemade} Cooling Sunburn Treatment | Pretty Gossip

Dyeing Pantyhose with Kool-Aid and Food Coloring, a Tutorial! Clever way to get any color pantyhose that you need for costuming or accessorizing.

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How To Distress Furniture With Vinegar - White Lace Cottage

How To Distress Furniture With Vinegar - White Lace Cottage

Packing hacks - Here, self-stick plastic wrap keeps jewelry from tangling, breaking, or escaping.

14 Brilliant Space-Saving Ways to Pack Your Suitcase

All Natural Snake Repellent Ingredients Clove oil Cinnamon oil Simply mix a 50:50 mixture of clove and cinnamon oils and spray them around the foundation of your home, dog houses, walkways, garages, doors or anywhere you want to keep snakes away from.

All Natural Snake Repellent

Easiest way ever to fill a bag for icing! So much smarter then spooning it into a bag!

Spicy Hot Chocolate Donuts - Bakingdom

Step by step how to upholster a chair.

How to Reupholster a Chair

Use Google Scholar,, when writing essays and reports. It searches scholarly/academic literature - books, peer reviewed articles, journals, theses, abstracts, court opinions, technical reports, abstracts, and documents from academic publishers, professional societies, and universities

OMG SO Smart!! Life Hacks - Page 2 of 2 - Princess Pinky Girl

Photo: John Gruen | | from 35 Super-Fast Fixes and Easy Upgrades

35 Super-Fast Fixes and Easy Upgrades

some tips for when the stomach bug strikes

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Are You Dense Advocacy

Are You Dense Advocacy

Are You Dense

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Emergency Preparedness School Kit by Food Storage Moms

Emergency Preparedness School Kit - Food Storage Moms