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Cosmic Tubing at #Skibowl during the night in the winter is the new craze if you're looking for things to do near Portland in the winter. Fun for all ages, kids to adults.

20+ Fun Activities to Do in the Snow

Have a snowball-throwing contest! Make a target by creating a bright circle in the snow with colored water in a squirt bottle.

Thanksgiving and then Christmas are coming fast. Merry Christmas to all my followers. Have the greatest time with family or friends.

50 Things to Do This Winter

50 things to do in winter-hopefully someday I won't have to live in such a harsh winter environment!

20+ Fun Activities to Do in the Snow

Practice Your Pitch - Paint a bull's-eye target on a piece of cardboard, giving each colored ring a point value. Attach it to a tree, and keep score as the kids try to hit the target with snowballs.

Winter Activities for Kids

How to make a snow volcano- what a FUN way to play in the snow while also exploring a bit of magical Science!~ V i s or volcano out of snow!...My daycare children loved this project!

Creative Activities to do in the Snow

When the snow comes, it is important to be prepared with some creative activities to do in the snow! Now, most kids are happy building a snowman or having a sno

10 Fun Things to do in the Snow - Outside

What can the kids do outside in the snow? Get outside and play with these 10 fun things to do in the snow. Get dressed warm and get outside!