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If your mind is career oriented lately and you’re looking for a something to study in college or maybe it’s a new career you are after, the translation industry might be something that you want look into.


We’ve teamed up with the Imperial College Business School to host an event focusing on issues, challenges and best practice around international marketing.

Using Google Analytics to Identify Overseas Opportunities

Using Google Analytics to Identify Overseas Opportunities

How Emojis Are Used Around the World

emojis to convey emotion. The emoji is not just a fad. To catch you up, emojis are. Emojis are a graphic that can be incorporated into text, email, Twitte

The Challenges Wearable Tech Poses to the Fashion Industry

The wearable tech industry is facing huge social, cultural and linguistic challenges to mainstream adoption in various regions around the world.

State of Ecommerce 2016: Q&A with Martin Newman

State of Ecommerce Q&A with Martin Newman - TranslateMedia

The Global Expansion of FinTech

It’s widely accepted that startups often face fewer barriers to expansion than larger, more established companies that cannot manoeuvre as quickly.

Online Marketplace

Consumer Protection & eCommerce Growth in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, MARCH Tourists are happy to see the first sunset after a week of rain and thunderstorms on the Corcovado Hill - march 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images.

State of Ecommerce 2016: Q&A with Al Gerrie

Al Gerrie – CEO, ZigZag Global Al Gerrie is CEO at ZigZag Global, who provide software linking retailers with warehouses around the world where ecommerce customers can send returns.

State of Ecommerce 2016 – Q&A With Terry Hunter

State of Ecommerce 2016 - Q&A With Terry Hunter - TranslateMedia

Selling to Local Businesses in Emerging Markets

In many emerging markets the retail sector is dominated by a vast number of small, independent shops, in a single location.

The Definitive Guide to Website Localisation

This website localisation guide is aimed at marketers responsible for increasing the business contribution for companies and brands using customer-facing websites for different international marke