I'm a foster adopt mom of 2 and love talking about this journey! I'm always up for talking if you have questions!!
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Chore Charts and Allowance: Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility - We made our chore chart with paint chips, sheet protector, dry erase markers, and some fun stickers (color coded so each child gets a color). For each chore the kids do they get to earn a nickle. At the end of the week we tally the “stars” and give the kid’s the money they’ve earned.

Different spin on a chore chart. Simple and effective method for multiple kids. Each kid gets their own color star to put on the paint chip coded "chore." Number of stars counted up and rewarded appropriates at the end of each week.

i can't even stick to this routine most of the time, but it would really help

Morning High 5 and Bedtime High 5 Kids, Chores, and Routines – A Simple, Yet Crucial Part of Family Management — Life As Mom

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