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The plants here feature a lot of texture and interesting structures. Hydrangea & Conifers, Sedum & Hosta,... Just when one group of flowers is at its ‘peak of perfection’, another group is just finishing blooming! And so, gardeners are often heard to remark something like this..... “Oh, but you should have been here last week....the Dahlias ( or the roses, petunias, begonias, or whatever.....) were so beautiful then!”

Beautiful display of landscaping with evergreens. This is a berm built for privacy. It serves it's purpose well. This is beautiful all season. Allergic to spruce so would have to do something else there. Otherwise this is beautiful and functional.


DIY Rock Footprints… How cute are these? I'm going to add these around my gnome tree door on some stepping stones, and in my rock gardens on the ground cover. So whimsical :)

Ideas for that Narrow Space in Between Suburban Homes

Like the panel to block a less than desirable view or provide privacy. ideas for that narrow space in between suburban homes, flowers, gardening, hydrangea, landscape

SUCH A GORGEOUS PLANTER ~ Shade Container = Blue Wave Hydrangea= Hosta  Francee = Ivy. Color & texture!!

SUCH A GORGEOUS PLANTER ~ Shade Container = Blue Wave Hydrangea, Hosta Francee, Ivy. (Hydrangea & hosta are deciduous- so this is a Summer only planter, but oh so nice!

Wire frame around tree is invisible and creates a great trellis effect with the purple clematis . . .

Clematis growing on a wire frame around the tree. Great idea to add some color to the bottom of your trees! Just wrap feet of chicken wire around the tree trunk!

Great idea for patio...buckets of succulents. container gardening, landscaping, gardening,

Great idea for patio.buckets of succulents. container gardening, landscaping, gardening, Interesting pails instead of vases for centerpieces