Salt/Light t-shirts | Designer: Sel Thomson

Salt/Light t-shirts

Always be the salt and the light. Salt preserves and light will always show the way. You may not see how you influence others but you will make an impact on others.

Understanding introverted people… ck exactlly my problem in getting my yard done... how silly I feel that I want to run back in the house if my neighbors come out

Understanding introverted people…

Funny pictures about Understanding introverted people. Oh, and cool pics about Understanding introverted people. Also, Understanding introverted people.

Fox Lines T Shirt By KerzoArt Design By Humans -

Fox Lines T Shirt By KerzoArt Design By Humans - You can simply get a stencil shape and paint white and black onto a tee.

Die gemeine Katze hält ein Schild mit dem Spruch "Sie müssen mich mit jemandem verwechseln, den das interessiert hoch!". Praktisch für alle Situationen, in denen man sich das denkt - so braucht man es

They have me confused with someone who cares

"Man muss das Leben tanzen!" Weitere tolle Zitate gibt es hier.

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love the band and the poster....awesome use of negative space

20 Creative Negative Space Design Inspiration

love the band and the poster.awesome use of negative space ---- Love this, I really like pieces that use silhouette