East Coast Beach Crawl

Hop in your car and plan your next East Coast beach trip, or should we say beach crawl: Here are our top picks to help you enjoy the best beaches on the East Coast!

East Coast Beach Crawl

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Nantucket Island, Massachusetts


Nantucket Island, Massachusetts : Beach Guide : Travel Channel

  • Kathleen Raymond
    Kathleen Raymond


  • nancy riojas
    nancy riojas

    its charming

  • Cathy McClintock
    Cathy McClintock

    My favorite vacation spot!

  • Kathy Boyd
    Kathy Boyd

    Would love to visit again, before time runs out!!

  • Virginia Wood
    Virginia Wood

    The closest thing to Heaven on Earth!

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This coastal barrier island’s pristine beaches aren’t its only draw. Seabook Island is a private oceanfront residential community with 2 championship golf courses, an equestrian center and hearty seafood restaurants.

Seabrook Island Club

Charleston Beaches : Charleston : Travel Channel

  • Oscar Humberto Ciccarelli Godoy
    Oscar Humberto Ciccarelli Godoy

    Very nice place to visit.

  • ccc supera
    ccc supera

    nave you been there

  • Barbara Peebles
    Barbara Peebles


  • Joan Beska
    Joan Beska

    Love this place. great for pics.

  • Josephine Bual
    Josephine Bual

    i love this place..so calm and quite..so nice place to unwind..

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New York's Robert Moses State Park

Robert Moses State Park Beach

Secret Beaches for Families : Travel Channel

  • Amy Reinstein
    Amy Reinstein

    it's Montauk, and it's my favorite place on earth

  • Kimberly Teigue
    Kimberly Teigue

    It's near Babylon/Bayshore, half way on Long Island (really on FireIsland) to Montauk; about 45 minute from Manhattan and on Ocean Parkway & Robert Moses Causeway!

  • Margie Clausen
    Margie Clausen

    That's def not Montauk, lol, it's RM

  • Anthony Feuerstein
    Anthony Feuerstein

    And it's def not New York's Robert Moses Parkway.

  • Margie Clausen
    Margie Clausen

    No, it's not, it's the boardwalk leading up to it that USED to be there before Sandy

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Wingaersheek Beach, MA is a secret beach for families!

Wingaersheek Beach

Secret Beaches for Families : Travel Channel

  • Cheryl Burt
    Cheryl Burt

    My favorite beach as a kid...great tidal pools

  • Kathleen Raymond
    Kathleen Raymond

    Great place

  • Cindy Hamilton Plamondon Ware
    Cindy Hamilton Plamondon Ware

    I've never been to Good Harbor Beach but I've been to Crane's Beach. The other beach besides Wingaersheek Beach that my parents liked to bring us to was Annisquam Beach. Has anyone been to that one? It's a very small beach and I guess back in the 1950's not many people knew about it. We liked it because there was a big rock that was uncovered at low tide and we used to climb all over it! As soon as I figure out how to pin one of my personal pics I'll put one in my 'fave beaches'. I really miss Northshore, MA beaches.

  • ccc supera
    ccc supera

    i want to go

  • 💥Andre L. Vaughn💥
    💥Andre L. Vaughn💥

    Nice and interesting beach. Being from the Midwest, you never think of MA as a place with a beach but mainly tough, hard working people. Very nice though...

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The "happiest seaside town in America!"

The Ocean Course At Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island - Best Southern US Islands - Travel Channel


Rehoboth Beach weekend guide

City of Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach Weekend Guide : Delaware : Travel Channel

  • Susan Sturgis
    Susan Sturgis

    You'll have to make of point and coming to Rehoboth next summer. Great restaurants, something for everyone and wonderful shops, and there is always the gorgeous beach.Everything from the State Parks to right in the heart of town. You can be with as many people as you want but there are always areas that are not that crowded.

  • Debi Martini
    Debi Martini

    We also will be spending thanksgiving there,great place in the winter time.

  • Linda Mobley
    Linda Mobley

    Can't wait

  • Jordyn Growden
    Jordyn Growden

    I love rehoboth beach

  • Susan Sturgis
    Susan Sturgis

    My son just got engaged ,he and his gorgeous fiancé live in Atlanta and have decided to get married here next year in May. Perfect setting. we're thrilled. yippee.

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Looking for a bit of solitude? This 7-mile-long undeveloped barrier island and wilderness habitat is the perfect beach to explore.

Bulls Island Beach

Charleston Beaches : Charleston : Travel Channel

  • Michèle

    Très jolie photo !

  • Kali Karellas
    Kali Karellas

    Love Bull Island! This is a must see!!

  • Dawn Jones
    Dawn Jones

    Would love to visit.

Charleston is known for its historic district, but the city also has pristine beaches!

Charleston, SC

Charleston Beaches : Charleston : Travel Channel

  • MaryLee Gates
    MaryLee Gates

    Would love to go there.

  • linda conrad
    linda conrad

    Sullivan's Island is another great family beach! On your way stop at Red's Ice House for the best & cheapest Fried Oysters in the Charleston area.

  • Judith Shields
    Judith Shields

    My dauaghter got married at Isle of Palms. This is a beautiful, historic and fun area. Can't wait to go back!

  • MaryLee Gates
    MaryLee Gates

    Would love to drive down and do some exploring.

  • Rebecca Gibson
    Rebecca Gibson

    Love Love New Smyrna Beach, FL

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Things to do with kids in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, SC

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  • Bea Wilson
    Bea Wilson

    We love Myrtle Beach !!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Cushing
    Sandra Cushing

    LOVED myrtle beach!

  • Sherri Staples
    Sherri Staples

    One giant tourist trap! Too many high rise hotels, you can't even see the ocean.

  • donna ceyrolles
    donna ceyrolles


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Travel guide: Where to eat stay and go in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Fl Beach

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  • Steven P. Miller
    Steven P. Miller

    ♥ MILLER ♥ Steven P. Miller "FYI-SPM@Gatekeeper and Watchman" (Steven P. Miller) http://facebook.com/sparker... EMAIL: sparkermiller@att.net SKYPE: sparkermiller TWITTER: Steven Parker Miller Sunday, November 24, 2013, 2:17 PM Jacksonville, Florida USA

  • Libby Markham
    Libby Markham

    We love the beach and Lodge at Ponte Vedra which is just south of Jacksonville. It is a dog friendly beach too!

  • Yana G
    Yana G

    soooooooooo pretty!

  • Fash P
    Fash P

    Amazing. The contrast between the dark water and the blue sky with the city in the middle is strong.

We love Portland, Maine!

Portland, ME

Why We Love Portland, Maine

  • Bridgette Mank
    Bridgette Mank

    haha thanks patty!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

  • Suz Kasprzak
    Suz Kasprzak

    York Beach (both Short Sands and Long Sands) are BEAUTIFUL! Sort Sands has little shops and kid-friendly kinds of attractions, including The Goldenrod, where they make salt water taffy right in the front window! Long Sands is a much larger beach area, though. Used to spend my Summers there!

  • New fashion
    New fashion

    TRAVEL IN VIETNAM http://www.cungbayre.com/da...

  • Pam Morris Martinez
    Pam Morris Martinez

    Stopped there on a cruise of east coast, love love this area, so beautiful!

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It's easy to see why East Hampton is a beloved New York destination!

East Hampton, NY

Best East Coast Beaches in the US : Travel Channel


Palm Beach, Florida: This 14-mile long, half-mile-wild-island is one of the top beaches in FL!

West Palm Beach

Top 10 Florida Beaches : Best Beaches in Florida : Travel Channel

  • Michael Calderone
    Michael Calderone


  • Esther Heifner
    Esther Heifner

    Thks. 4 showing a beautiful place

  • Michele Speno Doherty
    Michele Speno Doherty

    LOVE West Palm!

  • Esther Heifner
    Esther Heifner

    I'm a native Floridian born in Winter Haven

  • Alicia Huckaby
    Alicia Huckaby

    Its so beautiful!!!

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Key West, one of our Top 10 Florida Beaches

Key West

Top 10 Florida Beaches : Best Beaches in Florida : Travel Channel

  • Kim Burris
    Kim Burris

    Got to go to the Keys in 89. Ohhh I wanted to stay so badly. I would leave Texas for the Keys...

  • Myriam Bracamonte
    Myriam Bracamonte

    Amazing place!!!!

  • Virginia Wood
    Virginia Wood

    Loved it!

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Delray Beach in South Florida

Delray Beach

Top 10 Florida Beaches : Best Beaches in Florida : Travel Channel


Virginia Beach

City of Virginia Beach

Weather Trends: Best Beaches for Memorial Day

  • lu haag
    lu haag

    Go every year during Memorial day week thru Patriotic fest. They have the best Beach concerts !!!

  • New fashion
    New fashion

    TRAVEL IN VIETNAM http://www.cungbayre.com/da...

  • Jennifer hill
    Jennifer hill

    I was born in Va. Beach, lived on Bay Island. miss it, once you have lived on the water it is in your veins forever.

  • ccc supera
    ccc supera

    how long

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Spotlight on Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island

Spotlight on Hilton Head

  • Amy Campbell
    Amy Campbell

    This is one of my favorite places! Here now with my family for thanksgiving!

  • Olivia L
    Olivia L

    HHI has wonderful beaches. Ive lived here since i was born and im 10. 4 people who dont live here i think that it would b a great place 2 go on vacation

  • Doreen Vale
    Doreen Vale

    We have stayed on HHI many times and we'll be back there in March. Lovely spot for the whole family...good places to eat too!

  • Courtney Nicole
    Courtney Nicole

    This weekend was my first time on HHI but won't be the last! Love everything about this place!

  • Spartina 449
    Spartina 449

    Just across the sound from Daufuskie Island, SC , our muse!

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Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May, NJ

Best East Coast Beaches in the US : Travel Channel

  • Lindsey Baker
    Lindsey Baker

    Love Cape May - one of Jersey's finest.

  • Silver Spring Soap Company
    Silver Spring Soap Company

    It has my vote as one of the best.

  • Sandra Lyons
    Sandra Lyons

    Wonderful place to visit. I live here..just a few blocks from the beach.

  • Marissa Maldonado
    Marissa Maldonado

    Great family time places including restaurants

  • Amy Gasperetti
    Amy Gasperetti

    love this place so peaceful.

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Vacation Faceoff: Ocean City, MD v. Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City, NJ

Vacation Faceoff: Ocean City, MD vs. Ocean City, NJ


    Love OC No place better

  • Valerie Lovrensky-Bauer
    Valerie Lovrensky-Bauer

    It is a Fun place...I Love the Ocean and Beaches, being from Florida and now living on Kent Island, I try to go as much as I can.

  • Sandra Cushing
    Sandra Cushing

    its nice enough but boring after a day or two.

  • Valerie Lovrensky-Bauer
    Valerie Lovrensky-Bauer

    It can be, depends on what you like to do...I surf and paddleboard.

  • Cindy Burlingame
    Cindy Burlingame

    Love the Keys, enjoyed a ride yesterday just to Key Largo, than had a great lunch at Alabama Jack's and what a "HOOT!" watching the cloggers!

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Miami, Florida.

Miami, FL

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  • Cathy Cenatiempo
    Cathy Cenatiempo


  • Julie Prestridge Beaver
    Julie Prestridge Beaver

    I've been to Miami, but didn't make it to the beach. Guess I have to go back.

  • Cathy Cenatiempo
    Cathy Cenatiempo

    We loved South Beach! Such beautiful beaches!!

  • Myriam Bracamonte
    Myriam Bracamonte

    Love Miami,very beautiful city!!!

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Key West, Florida

No Passport Required : Hot Topics : Travel Channel

  • Laura Connors
    Laura Connors

    Love Key West, but it's not a beach town, very little sand!

  • PamelaS

    LOVE Key West! Such a cute town.

  • Patti Woodbridge
    Patti Woodbridge

    Loved Key West, but that is so true that it is not much of a beach town. Very little sand. Beaches are all long the drive down and can be fun in Key Largo, FL.

  • Jaime Mclain
    Jaime Mclain

    love love love

  • Claudette Martin-Delphis
    Claudette Martin-Delphis

    Key West is magical......................lived in Fort Lauderdale for many years........ Of course.......one must stop @ Key Largo (Bogart/Bacall) for lunch.....just in case they come over to join you for a very Hemingway aperitif *.*

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One of the best east coast beaches! Duck, North Carolina

Duck, NC

Best East Coast Beaches in the US : Travel Channel

  • Joe Lamb, Jr.
    Joe Lamb, Jr.

    The Outer Banks is a great place for your next beach vacation - we rent houses from Duck to Nags Head - check us out!

  • Debbie Sasyn
    Debbie Sasyn

    My husband and I would love to retire to the OBX. We vacation there very year for the past 10 yrs. we always stay in the 4x4 area. Just simply...no other place to vacation in our book.

  • Dena Parrish
    Dena Parrish

    I can appreciate your love of all beaches mentioned here. Especially the southern east coast beaches. However, Duck NC is NOT the only beach in NC worth mentioning. NC is full of BEAUTIFUL coastline.

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Rehoboth, DE

Rehoboth Beach

West vs. East Pictures : Bikinis & Boardwalks : Travel Channel

  • Patty Jackson
    Patty Jackson

    Rehoboth has been consistently listed as one of Americas top 10 beaches.

  • RehobothBeachFever.com

    It's one of the cleanest beaches in the U.S.! :)

  • Veronica Brumbach
    Veronica Brumbach

    Very family friendly beach! I always enjoy doing weekend trips to Rehoboth beach.

  • Patty Jackson
    Patty Jackson

    I can't wait to go.

  • Lisa Cella
    Lisa Cella

    This Delaware girl has been going to Rehoboth all her life. Beach is free and clean. Great place for families.

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Where to stay: Florida's Sexiest Hotels

South Beach

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  • Anitta Room
    Anitta Room

    Love it!!

  • sybil churchill
    sybil churchill


  • Patti Woodbridge
    Patti Woodbridge


  • Jaime Mclain
    Jaime Mclain

    FontaineBleu overrated

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