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did you pack everything? stmap this lsit and make sure you've got everything:) check us out @

Ultimate travel tips and travel hacks. Find other useful sites as well as read through my favorite travel help. Also choose from six different free packing lists.

Find someone to look at the stars with.. wherever you go

Perfect date night. Star gazing in the back of the truck. with a picnic and the love of my life.

"The greatest and lasting love stories are the ones worth waiting for" These are great!

Like Mom And Apple Pie: Dating Rules For Our Son And Daughters -I like quite a few of them, but one or two I don't completely agree with like the always paying -dating get's expensive & a girl allowing a guy to kiss her goodnight on the lips.

10 Amazing Travel Tips That You Must Know To Have A Good Flight

Airplane travel hacks 10 Travel Tips That You Must Know To Have A Good Flight. Loving that power strip idea! Such a good idea!

When Should You Actually Book Your Next Vacation

There's never a bad time to book a vacation with Vacations For Heroes, but here's an insightful infographic that might provide a few tips to keep in mind when deciding exactly when to travel and book flights.

Tipping ain't easy!

[Infographic] Tipping around the world. Travel tip and reference for tipping customs in the country you’re visiting.

Should i pack it?!

We love this fun packing flow chart! Our advice to Vanderbilt students who want to study abroad -- less is more! Don't take more than you can carry on your own.

Top happiest cities to visit with your soulmate:)

Funny pictures about The 10 Happiest Cities In The World. Oh, and cool pics about The 10 Happiest Cities In The World. Also, The 10 Happiest Cities In The World.