Let shadows be your child’s guide for this activity. In the morning (8 a.m.) or late afternoon (4 p.m.), place a table in a sunny spot where long shadows will be cast. Unroll paper (Easel Paper Roll, $14; alexbrands.com) along one side of the table, and arrange a variety of objects along the paper’s edge. Have your child trace the shadows with markers.

5 Solar-Powered Crafts and Activities


All About Me - Beginning of Year - Back to School. Students color, draw and write all about themselves (14 pages!)

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FREE Subtraction Smash mats! Students use Play-Doh to subtract. Includes three versions of the Subtraction Smash mats to differentiate!

Subtraction Smash


The order for teaching letter recognition to kids - brilliant reasoning. A must read!!

Teaching Letter Recognition – what order to introduce letters


Building Number Sense in First Grade

Building Number Sense in First Grade


Organizing classroom supplies in a beautiful, easy-to-see way | What the Teachers Wants

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Students can have their own personal word wall. Sight words and common words included! $

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Perfect for Grade 2!

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Sneaky E anchor chart

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Nicole Stone

Human Body Activities for Kids • Everything included! Reading passages, graphic organizers, & easy-to-follow directions for a life-size, hands-on human body project that incorporates reading and writing.

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preschool bulletin board ideas, preschool bulletin boards

November Bulletin Boards - Bulletin Board Ideas


poems for silent e - Buscar con Google

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This is a huge resource of activities that any first grade teacher could use. It is based on the Harcourt Story Town sequence of skills, but they are common skills in any first grade classroom. You get printable no-prep center activities for each of the 30 skills.

Spelling Center Activities for the Whole Year! Harcourt Story Town Skills


Maak van elk kind een foto en knip de contouren uit. Op de foto blaast het kind iets uit de hand. Laat de kinderen een achtergrond verven met ecoline, vermengd met kleuterlijm en glitters. Wanneer dat droog is plakken ze de foto erop. Met een pons maken de kinderen hartjes, die plakken ze erbij.

Hora de Brincar e de Aprender


What They Left and What They Kept: What an Antarctic Expedition Can Teach You About What’s Truly Valuable

What They Left and What They Kept: What an Antarctic Expedition Can Teach You About What’s Truly Valuable


Comparing Arctic animal sizes - an activity that combines learning about Arctic animals with practicing measuring skills || Gift of Curiosity

Comparing Arctic animal sizes - Gift of Curiosity


Free Penguin Life Cycle Wheel

Life Cycles Science Notebook Photos


Behavioral and Structural (Physical) Adaptations Cut and Paste examples and definitions: Students sort examples (and definitions) with pictures of Structural and Behavioral Adaptations and create a notes sheet for reference. THIS PRODUCT IS PART OF THE FOLLOWING BUNDLE-CHECK IT OUT FOR A DEAL!

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Free The Inuit/ Arctic Notebooking Pages #winter #inuit #ihsnet

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Students learn about arctic art and Canadian artist Ted Harrison with bold pieces of art. | lesson plan

Arctic Landscapes a la Ted Harrison on crayola.com


My All About Emperor Penguins Book - (Antarctic/Polar Animals) from Courtney McKerley on TeachersNotebook.com (9 pages) - Also available in a polar animal bundle pack with walrus, polar bear, caribou and Arctic wolf. (Workbook, worksheet, printable, unit study, lesson)

My All About Emperor Penguins Book - (Antarctic/Polar Animals) |


Here's a WWF lesson plan on Arctic food chains.

Arctic Science 2 - Arctic food chain


Arctic Animals: a lesson in camouflage We studied arctic foxes and arctic hares and did a cool art project as well as a fun way to learn about camouflage (Learning is Messy)

Arctic Animals: A lesson in camouflage


The Blubber Experiment - Animals in the Arctic lesson plans

How Animals in the Arctic Keep Warm


Black paper with pastels and circles cut from water colored paper This was a pretty project. We used Prismacolor pencils for the branches. Don't forget to paint the white reflection on the watercolored circles.

Artwork published by Katherine226