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We always have a jigsaw puzzle on the go. How about you? We love Springbok and Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles but we'll work any puzzle if the image appeals to us. If you're on Facebook we'd love to have you join the fun on our page of the same name. (


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The Titanic: A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger.

Titanic Jigsaw Puzzles

New World Map in Words Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle. Do you know what era the lettering is from? It seems retro, somehow.

Treasures By Brenda: World in Words World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

From Highlights magazine, What is the value of children doing jigsaw puzzles?

MARILYN MONROE: This jigsaw puzzle has 4,480 pieces and will measure 5 feet when finished. Great gift idea for the puzzler who loves the movies!

OMGosh, this video and story is heart breaking. Your heart will sink when you watch this man's record breaking jigsaw puzzle fall to pieces.

Walt Disney's The Jungle Book Movie Poster Puzzle features 300 large pieces and a handsome image of our favorite jungle characters.

Walt Disney The Jungle Book Movie Poster Jigsaw Puzzle 300 Pieces COMPLETE

Walt Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame Movie Poster jigsaw puzzle. It's an out-of-production 300 piece puzzle with large pieces.

Items in Treasures By Brenda store on eBay!

From eBay, Clementoni's Panoramic Running Horses 1000 Piece jigsaw puzzle. It's a great image for anyone who loves horses. The puzzle is new. However, the box is opened and damaged. The puzzle inside is still sealed in the original plastic bag.

Ravensburger's Limited Edition The Christmas Market 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle features artwork by Roy Trower.

We're working an extremely hard Springbok puzzle called Little Red Riding Hood's Hood...seems appropriate as Valentine's Day approaches and I don't think there is any danger that we will have it done by then either. What are you working on?

The Bratz dolls Passion 4 Fashion Jigsaw Puzzle with Cloe.

Spongebob Squarepants on Vacation! Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle with 100 Pieces.

Puzzle Piece Hearts - Great craft for kids or adults for Valentines Day (and great way to use up those lost/half complete puzzle boxes!)

Puzzle Piece Hearts - Great for Valentines Day! - Giddy Upcycled

Puzzle Piece Hearts - Great craft for kids or adults for Valentines Day (and great way to use up those lost/half complete puzzle boxes!)

Puzzle Piece Hearts - Great for Valentines Day! - Giddy Upcycled

The Dories of Maine by Lewis T Johnson is shown here in a Ravensburger 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. #boats

Fun Jan Van Haasteren The Playground themed jigsaw puzzle. Fun image.

KINGS OF THE SERENGETI - African lions themed 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger. Great gift for someone who dreams of or who has already visited Africa. Rare find on eBay. $74.95 #wildcats

Puzzling Mysteries Who Drilled the Dentist 500 piece mystery jigsaw puzzle. Great gift idea...maybe for a dentist or someone in the dental profession, LOL? #ck

YUMMY...This Halloween Treats jigsaw puzzle features all sorts of delicious goodies! What would you reach for? Hands off the tombstone brownies, they're mine, LOL! #halloweenbaking

How cute! If you love jigsaw puzzles and dogs and you're looking for a Halloween themed puzzle, Count Dogula might just be the one for you! #countdracula

Treasures By Brenda: Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

Ravensburger's 1000 piece augmented reality world satellite world map jigsaw puzzle is too cool.

Ravensburger Augmented Reality Jigsaw Puzzles With App

Quality jigsaw puzzles (like those by Melissa and Doug) will last forever if you store them properly.

Love this jigsaw jack-o-lantern from 31 Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Overly Ambitious People. #halloween

31 Jack O'Lantern Ideas For Overly Ambitious People

Jigsaw Puzzle Story: Ted Howard's Love Letter Jigsaw Puzzle Took 15 Years To Solve! #lovestories

Jigsaw Puzzle Stories

Ravensburger's Polar Animals jigsaw puzzle is recommended for children age 5 and up and is part of a set of puzzles in my eBay store. #jigsawpuzzles #ravensburger #polaranimals