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Sounds familiar. Libs. fighting for Right's! What happened to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness??? Personal Rights trump Government Rights!

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Very true! I have built this wall with several! Not just about being hurt but can't be trusted!!!

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joker mind loss - A lazy employee, continues to be lazy and no one bats an eye. A hard working employee, takes it easy for one day, and everyone loses their mind.

A lazy employee, continues to be lazy and no one …

Funny Breakup Ecard: Getting To Watch An Ex Go Through The Hell They Created For Themselves And Knowing They're Even More Miserable Than They Made you...... Priceless!

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Me at school

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It is wrong to tax a working person almost to the breaking point, only to then give it to a person who is able, but refuses, to work.

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lazy people quotes - Google Search

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Nobody cares about your excuses. Nobody pities you for procrastinating. Nobody is going to cuddle you because you are lazy. It's YOUR ASS. YOU MOVE IT.

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More quotes about life here

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Narcissists MO - idealize, devalue, discard... It doesn't do any good to ask why, you will never really know why. Just know that they are disordered and that they will repeat this pattern with every person they enter into a relationship with, despite what they want you to believe. They will never change.

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whatever you do hold on to hope

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you cant start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one

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Wow, so true!

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This is such a profound truth....the opposite is also true. A lot of people may also highly value you, but just not want a certain level or intimate relationship with you. It's really about knowing the strengths and status of each of our relationships and being astute to how we can serve in each. | note by

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She was the Queen of her own life and the choice was hers...

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So hard to wait out!!! lol

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I love my tribe. Tribes, Great Friend, Best Friends, Weird Quote, Friendship Quotes Funny, Funny Girl Friendship Quotes,...

Butterflies and Pebbles

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Simon Exclusives with Shari!

I think this is my life, but I'm sure glad for God's gifts!! #life #quotes #inspiration

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The tragedy of life.... a good one!

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That is so true, yet also sad.

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