Comic Character Inspiration: Hellboy

Hellboy is a comic book character created by writer-artist Mike Mignola. As I'm a big fan of the Hellboy comics, I decided to select several drawings and paintings done by artists and fans of the character around the world and post them here on Abduzeedo.

Starry Night - Vincent van Dominogh

"Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' Made From Dominoes" (VIDEO) -- "Starry Night - Vincent van Dominogh" (aka FlippyCat) -- Now this is just plain fun to watch!

Repin del tutetero

“A pint of beer a day, Keeps the doctor away! i love how the the type fits into the shape of the beer cup. very nice color.

Blade Runner

This is not "bruce willis in Die Hard" This is Harrison Ford playing Deckard in the inimitable Bladerunner.


Funny pictures about Howl’s Moving Castle Papercraft. Oh, and cool pics about Howl’s Moving Castle Papercraft. Also, Howl’s Moving Castle Papercraft photos.

Batman Returns by

Created by digital artist Ïve Bastrash (aka inkjava), these awesome redesigned movie posters of famous films in a cartoon style are part of his Cinemarium series. Amongst the lot are a few awesome posters from yesteryear.


A Tribeca Film Festival favorite Mansome Trailer depicts the efforts that modern men have to go through for the glory of being handsome.

Lars-Erik: Volkswagen Ball.

Lars-Erik Fisk created this way cool VW Sphere that has a steering wheel and rolls. He also made a John Deere and UPS ball as well. This design is out of the box for sure!

The Wolverine First Look Photo

official image of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the upcoming "The Wolverine" film.not the crappy, "Wolverine Origins" movie.

Frankenstein by Petros Afshar

Petros Afshar is an up and coming graphic designer born in London, England. He Specializes in Typography, Print making, Logo design, Illustrations and Gardening