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    Innovative Technology

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    Replace 'Ding Dong' With 'Kanye West' Using iChime #doorbells

    The Glow Doorbell is Eco-Friendly and Stylish #doorbells

    Additional Doorstop Buzzing with the Remote Visual Doorbell Clock #doorbells

    The MP3 Radio Doorbell Brings Ringtones to Your Residence Entry #doorbells

    Twine Connects Everyday Objects to the Internet #doorbells

    The Ninja Blocks are like Digital Butlers #doorbells

    The Star Trek Door Chime is Perfect for any Interstellar Abode #doorbells

    The DoorBot Allows People to Answer the Door Remotely #doorbells

    Choose Awesome Music for Doorbells with the DoorJamz App #doorbells

    The Doorbot Door Bell Lets Users Answer the Door from Their Phone #doorbells

    The Doorbell Camera Lets You Answer the Door from Anywhere #doorbells

    The Smartbell is a Doorbell Connected to Your Smartphone #doorbells

    The Chui Offers Revolutionary Secure Access to One's Home #doorbells

    The Cloud Bit Allows You to 'Add Internet' to Almost Any Object #doorbells

    The -Bell Doorbell Connects With Your Smartphone #doorbells

    The MyKronoz ZeWatch & ZeBracelet Make Life a Whole Lot Easier #smartwatches

    AT&T Will Offer a Child-Tracking Filip Smartwatch to Customers #smartwatches

    The Google Smartwatch is Rumored to Face-Off Samsung and Apple #smartwatches

    The Samsung YOUM Smartwatch Has an Expansive 180-Degree Screen #smartwatches

    Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Will Tell You Move Than the Time #smartwatches

    The Mercedes Pebble Smartwatch is Synced with Your Car #smartwatches

    The ZTE Bluewatch Gets its First Showcase at CES 2014 #smartwatches

    The Intel Smartwatch Raises Eyebrows at CES 2014 #smartwatches

    The Neptune Pine Smartwatch Was Showcased at 2014 CES #smartwatches

    The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Displays at CES 2014 #smartwatches