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a red pair of glasses hanging on the side of a building
"Happy Pole" By Jessica Bellef
an old brick building with a sign on the front and side of it that says,
“Feestzaal” (1906) in Flanders. Not very much party-ish anymore.. By Jeefje
there is a cat that is hiding in the bushes next to a statue and flowers
"The Mainecoon and The Hidden Buddha" By @elenakates
there are many small boats in the water near each other on the beach and one boat is out to sea
"A Serene Morecambe Bay " By @elenakates
"My beautiful teenage daughter opening her birthday gifts" By @elenakates Birthday, Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Teenage Daughters, Toddler Bed
"My beautiful teenage daughter opening her birthday gifts" By @elenakates
cupcakes and flowers on a plate with a note in the middle for someone's birthday
"Prettiest Party " By @elenakates
a vase filled with lots of flowers on top of a wooden table next to a mirror
"FLOWERS, The playful combination" By Wendy Mahieu
three hair brushes are hanging on the wall next to some colorful tutues in a bathroom
"Guess how many women I'm living with? :-) Makes me smile every morning." By Thomas Fiehn
the sun shines brightly on some plants in the woods
X. It’s what’s happening
"what a beautiful world....Trip to the woods" By Wena Brussaard
a tall wooden structure sitting in the middle of a forest
"Franz Krajcberg´s house in Brazil makes us smile.We love him and his work!" By Renata Rubim
a pile of wood sitting next to a bunch of potted plants
"Abundance" By Sue Wiederkehr
two antelope standing next to each other on top of a grass covered field
"Curious Kudu in the West Coast National Park, South Africa" By Sue Wiederkehr