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Denim Bunny Hat Easter Decoration Denim Bunny Hat with wired ears, decorated with burlap, raffia, small twig bird nest with blue eggs, stuffed carrots in a blue floral print and buttons.

23 DIY Spring Centerpieces That Are Perfect for Easter via Brit + Co.

RAZ Easter Floral Centerpiece - Trendy Tree Blog

Easter Centerpiece by Trendy Tree www.trendytree.com

Dogwood Centerpiece by Trendy Tree

RAZ Dogwood Spray, Twig Branches and Burlap Moss Cross - easy to create arrangement. Supplies at www.trendytree.com

Easter wreath using leftover mesh and ribbons.....and a little Bunny in a Hammock...see the Trendy Tree tutorial here: www.trendytree.co...

RAZ Rustic Carrot - DIY Easter Wreath Tutorial at Trendy Tree

Day Dreaming Bunnies! www.trendytree.co...

DIY Burlap Easter Wreath - Trendy Tree Blog - written and video tutorial, supplies at Trendy Tree

24" Ruffle Wreath Tutorial using the large Bunny Head and poly mesh. Video and written tutorial at Trendy Tree

DIY Bunny Legs Tutorial by Trendy Tree

Now this is a super cute Easter wreath.

Bunny Wreath tutorial - video and written, supplies at Trendy Tree! www.trendytree.co...

New DIY Bunny Wreath Kit at Trendy Tree!

  • bonnie

    Were can I buy this bunny face??

  • Trendy Tree
    Trendy Tree

    We have more coming in around the first of the year. Here's a link if you would like to add your email to the list to be notified when it arrives: http://www.trendytree.com/b...

  • bonnie

    I just love trendytree I've learned so much from you everything is so beautiful..

  • Trendy Tree
    Trendy Tree

    Thank you Bonnie, we appreciate that)))

Deco Paper Mesh Carrot Video Tutorial - Trendy Tree Blog - includes video and written blog post, supply list and more.

RAZ Burlap Easter Eggs from the 2015 Rustic Easter Collection www.trendytree.co...

Burlap carrot bundles from RAZ - will be available in two sizes at Trendy Tree! www.trendytree.co...

Painted metal screen wreath kit from Burton & Burton - head-hands-feet. Coming Soon to Trendy Tree! www.trendytree.co...

  • Carolyn Figuereo
    Carolyn Figuereo

    :D I designed that bunny!!! Is it pathetic that I stalk my own designs? Thanks for posting, Trendy Tree!

  • Trendy Tree
    Trendy Tree

    Good job))) We're looking to sell some sets because of it.

Sneak Peek of our 2015 Spring Buying Trip - hundreds of products being listed now at www.trendytree.com. Your place to shop for Easter, Spring and Summer Decor!

Bunny heads with burlap hats and bows....coming to Trendy Tree soon! www.trendytree.co...

  • Tina Davis
    Tina Davis

    Do you have anymore of these?

  • Trendy Tree
    Trendy Tree

    Sorry, we're sold out and no more coming in for this season. Hoping they will be available again for next year)))