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This sounds like a really great morning workout that wouldn't take too long, but would give you results. I think I'll do this every morning. -Xoxo, Ari

Millions of people around the world are constantly in search for ways to lose weight. Many companies have capitalized on this fact, releasing one product after another that promises to speed up weight loss and help users get back on the right track. It...

I would change this to fit God: When I look into His eyes I see perfection. I see a love story. I see someone who fought for me and protects me and loves me in spite of all the ways I am still a wreck. I see home. Wherever He is, that's my home. -D

Welcome - this is me.. nature • spring • photography • flowers • england • brickwalls • autumn • owls • medieval • henry cavill • animals • archaeology • snow • tea • countryside • garden • summer • interior design • sam heughan •...

Made on It was yummy and easy, but the sweet potatoes seemed like they could have been more cooked. I kind of feel like the pan was meant to be covered for at least part of this recipe, but that was never mentioned. Would make again though!

Not everyone finds this, we did and you are pretending you are ok without me. Quit living the fake life.

Infused Water Deliciously healthy... And obviously these aren't a cure all but they do help in multiple ways, so why not???

Yes yes to all of this! You mean the world to me love! If only you knew it was you....

For those thinking love is a fairytale or peaches and cream. It isn't. So wake up. You both got work at it every single day but when both are committed and dedicated to one another the impossible is made possible.