Svetlana Quindt is the name behind the face of Kamui Cosplay and she’s also one heck of a cosplay armor maker. When you can take something that looks like a roll of butcher paper (it’s actually a modelling and crafting thermoplastic called Worbla)

An Imperial Heavy armored soldier is about to unsheathe her sword after enemy bandits surprises her. Garry's Mod GIMP BG:images.akamai.steamusercontent&... Imperial Female Soldier

A guide to Steampunk fashion: costume tutorials, Steampunk clothing guide, cosplay photo gallery, updated calendar of Steampunk events, and more.

DIY: Steven Universe/ Rose Quartz Shield Tutorial

DIY: Steven Universe/ Rose Quartz Shield Tutorial leighquincy: “Wow! I’ve had a lot of interest and asks about how Rose/Steven’s shield was made, so without any further ado - a tutorial! Materials...

Femme Batman. Model: Damilyn / Costume by: Damilyn at Puku Productions & Michelle Nordahl / Photographer: PhotoPersuasion

Casual cosplay of Ouran students (from Ouran High School Host Club anime series)-- character inspired outfit

70cm Long Straight RWBY Blake Belladonna Black Cosplay Wig

Ruler cosplay Heat Resistant Fiber inspired by RWBY Blake Belladonna Super long Black wig

From regular awesome satchel, to steampunk super awesome satchel! Only links to picture but it's nice to see what can be done