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Glock 19 Tiffany and co.

Home project

Glock 19 Tiffany and co.

  • 6 Pins

Polished and nickel plated, engraved, chrome pins, chrome slide release! Finished!!!

  • Divine Queen
    Divine Queen

    That's a man with a master plan his heat for you lady ✔️❤️

  • Crystal Holmes
    Crystal Holmes

    this gun was made for me everybody knows I'm the Tiffany queen!!!!! I smell a birthday gift coming!!!

  • Robyn Sakamaki
    Robyn Sakamaki

    Ha! We have matching guns! I had mine custom made about four ago. I didnt know anyone had one! Getting the paint from Tiffany & Co. was a pain wasn't it?!? Ugh. Legal contracts and copywrite bs. Oh well. It was worth it, right?!? We should swap pics!!

  • Crystal Holmes
    Crystal Holmes

    About what was the cost in total?

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My gf's new toy! Happy V-day!


    Can you tell me where you bought this glock . I cant find a price anywhere.

  • Trevor Glauser
    Trevor Glauser

    Purchased the glock from Glockmeister in AZ and customized it myself. Feel free to email me at if you would like more info.

  • Summer Parra
    Summer Parra

    I want this!! Where can we find one?

  • Rosy Marcelino-Macias
    Rosy Marcelino-Macias

    How can I get one l. I want one.

  • Susan Melton Parker
    Susan Melton Parker

    You are DEFINITELY the boyfriend of the year!

DIY Tiffany glock

  • Bryan Tilson
    Bryan Tilson

    What did you use to coat the plastic?

  • Trevor Glauser
    Trevor Glauser

    USC spray max 2k

  • Bryan Tilson
    Bryan Tilson

    Awesome how has it been holding up?

  • Trevor Glauser
    Trevor Glauser

    Hard as a rock.

  • Nina Nicole
    Nina Nicole

    make a tutorial please

Happy v day

  • Tiffany Wiles-Sink
    Tiffany Wiles-Sink

    Omg I want it!!!

Glock 9mm

Happy V day Rilla!