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Wild Animal Drawings

Every day for 60 days beginning 1 January 2013 I'll be drawing a wild animal and posting it here. Each drawing will sell for only £60 and all profit goes to the charity Art in Healthcare ( For more information on how to win a signed print or to buy an original artwork please click any of the links. If you have an animal request feel free to get in touch.

Wild Animal Drawings

  • 60 Pins

(SOLD) #60 Kangaroo The last drawing of my charity fundraiser series!!! yay

(SOLD) #59 Gecko

#58 Blue Bird

(SOLD) #57 Otter

  • Jade Hurdle
    Jade Hurdle

    wow that is really good i do art on my pinterest i love all your drawing.

(SOLD) #55 Red Squirrel

(SOLD) #56 Malayan Tapir

(SOLD) #54 Tree Frog

(SOLD) #53 Shark

#52 Vulturine Guineafowl

(SOLD) #51 Bear

(SOLD) #49 Highland Cow

(SOLD) #48 Mountain Hare

(SOLD) #47 Hawksbill Turtle

(SOLD) #46 Meerkat

(SOLD) #45 Gorilla

  • Julie Johnston
    Julie Johnston

    How did I miss this one!! It's amazing Trev, one of my favourites so far!!

  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones

    Cheers, thanks Julie. xx :)

(SOLD) #44 Did you know that baby puffins use an outside toilet so as to not soil their feathers or bed.

(SOLD) #43 Snow Leopard: Click here to find out a little more about this charity fundraiser art series and how to purchase this original drawing for just

(SOLD) #42 Buff-Cheeked Gibbon

(SOLD) #41 Orangutan

#40 Bali Starling: it has been estimated that there are fewer than 50 of them left. Click here for more info

(SOLD) #39 Dolphin: Only one side of the dolphin’s brain sleeps at a time. This allows them to be able to breathe and to be able to watch for threats even while they are resting.

(SOLD) #38 Tree Frog: Frogs don’t actually drink water with their mouths; they drink it through their skin.

(SOLD) #37 Cheetah: A cheetah can accelerate from 0 to 113 km in just a few seconds.

(SOLD) #36 Tiger: You can hear a tiger roar over a mile away!