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Trey Ratcliff

a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys. Browncoat. I also am the artist behind snapchat/instagram: treyratcliff

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Surfing at sunset here off the coast of San Juan Puerto Rico. That's not me by the way... that's Matt Martinez there - super nice guy. He saw I was taking photos as he leaving. He came up to my wife and I and said something radical then asked if we wanted to take photos of him. We said Sure! So he headed back into the waves as the sun was setting.#sanjuan #rcmemories #ritzcarlton @ritzcarlton

While I was walking around this wonderfully blue city, I saw many kids out hanging around the outdoors. They all had on cute outfits that seemed to go so well with the powder blue paint of the city. Here is one of the little girls I saw. No one seemed to mind me taking photos, and that was nice because there were so many cute kids! - Chefchaouen, Morocco - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at

Here’s an arial shot from Beijing's CBD area. This building is really cool, isn’t it? The locals call it the “Metal Underpants” - Beijing, China - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at

This was a heck of a day! It was a long, arduous walk. But boy, was it beautiful. Towards the end of the day, the light was falling and the rain moved in. I descended in almost perfect black pitch. It was hundreds and hundreds of steps to get down to the little village below… I had the tiniest of flashlights and the tiniest of umbrellas. - Beijing, China - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at

This is the amazing Auberge le Festival in the gorge just on the edge of the Sahara desert. After spending several nights out in the arid desert situations, I started to work my way back towards the Atlas mountains. This area is very near a fantasy (but real!) oasis, and it was absolutely perfect in every way. If you ever go to Morocco, be sure you look up this unbelievable place! - Sahara Desert, Morocco - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at

While walking through some tiny roads in a small village near Xingping in Guanxi, I came across this rather surreal scene! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. They were wondering why I was taking photos, and I just smiled and gave them the thumbs up! I'm sure this just confused them even more… - Guilin, China - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at

This was the wildest thing I've ever seen. I got in close to this fisherman on the Li River, and he had his trusty bird-friend right behind him. No matter which way the fisherman turned his head, the bird looked the exact same way. It reminded me of the daemons from His Dark Materials. I have about 6 frames I shot where they are all looking in the same direction as they rotate their heads. - Li River, China - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at

I spent most of my time in Chefchaouen in the night, walking around like crazy man taking photos. The colors and shadows came out looking so mysterious and cool. The blue paint looked so different in the night lights. I was happy they mostly used white lights around the town. Wherever the yellow lights were, the colors came off a bit green and sickly. - Chefchaouen, Morocco - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at

I was walking through a little town in Xingping talking to a local man that was making some silver jewelry by hand. While he was working, his daughter was running around across the street while his father sat nearby. I snapped this quick photo while she was running free… - Li River, China - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at

I woke up one morning and there was this crazy sunrise just starting. I was still in bed but I knew I had to get up. I'm usually quite incoherent after I wake up… so there were many different socks and shoes combined to get myself somewhat mobile. I scrambled around and found my tripod and camera and everything. I clumsily put on the right lens and got in position. - Queenstown, New Zealand - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at