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    Trey Ratcliff

    a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys. Browncoat. I also am the artist behind snapchat/instagram: treyratcliff

    Amazing Indoor Waterfalls, today on the blog at www.stuckincustom... - Here’s another crazy place in Singapore that I totally didn’t expect. The outside was amazing enough, but then I decided to go inside. Amazing! And you can probably see all those little paths up there… you can just wander around and see this incredible indoor rainforest.

    Reflecting on the Taj Mahal and going back to India soon! Today on the blog at www.StuckInCustom...

    Here's my free HDR Photography Tutorial ! Enjoy and tell your friends :) www.StuckInCustom...

    I'm coming back to India! Where should I go?? I was thinking of taking one of those nice train trips across a part of India for about a week in January. That sounds fun! I'll have my whole family with me... any suggestions are welcome! I loved being in India SO MUCH last time... the people, the sights, the food, the texture of everything! I've done zero planning, but I'm already getting goose bumps!

    Trey’s Photomatix Presets – If you're into HDR Photography, I think you'll really like these!

    Ten Hours in Singapore | Today on the blog at Stuck in Customs - I connected in Singapore on the way from Vietnam back home to New Zealand, so of course I had to go out and shoot! I grabbed a taxi immediately and then headed to the hot zone down here! I haven’t been here since they added all this crazy-awesome stuff… I was taking non-stop photos. In this part, I’m way up high on this sky bridge between electric trees.

    Wonder what photo software I use? Here's the page with all the goodies at www.stuckincustom...

    This one is sold out... but we may have more in the future. Who knew there were others that liked yoga and photography in New Zealand!?!?

    I notice that my youngest daughter Scarlett gets a little extra spunky when she wears pigtails! Here we are out on a family walk in Glenorchy through the wetlands. I highly recommend this walk if you’re in the Queenstown area!

    RELAXING BY THE POOL WITH MY QUAD This is a very geeky selfie I took in Bora Bora. Any normal person would have been there in the pool having a nice cool island-drink. But no, not me… when I was not geeking out with my toys, I was busy trying to keep all the batteries charged.

    See that nice yellow color under all the penguins? It looks so pretty doesn’t it? Well, this is actually the color when you mix together penguin feathers and projectile poop. Most of Antarctica had no smells at all… I think the whole continent saved all the smells for this place.

    Another Rooftop Bar In Hong Kong — A place I found doing a simple Google search! more at www.StuckInCustom...

    *People of Papua New Guinea Part 12* Well, this was an exciting moment. I didn't quite catch this chap's name, but it wasn't the first thing on my mind. Actually, I don't know why the first thing on my mind was to take a photo instead of run! Part of my nature, I guess. Here's the full story... I was walking near the western coast of Papua New Guinea near a place called Tufi. - more on the story over at

    London In The Rain, Stumbling Around At Night - I think London at night is one of the most amazing experiences ever… especially when there's a bit of rain to make all the lights come even more alive. I visited this area late one night after going to see a very strange (but good) theater show. It put me into quite an unusual mood, which set a good brain space for this kind of wandering!

    A Polar Sunbow Erupts Over An Iced Volcano in Antarctica - An epic place without scale or relativity. Somewhere on this terrible volcano are the remains of a jetliner, which crashed after taking off from New Zealand on a sight-seeing tour. I was on another plane, a CL-130, when I took this. The “L” means it lands on skis. It has no proper windows to speak of, but I managed to befriend the loadmaster, who got me into the cockpit for take-off. Quite by chance, there was a polar sunbow!

    Amazing Venice Forever - Rene and I crossed this bridge almost every day. In fact, it’s not too far from here where he fell into the canal, so he has fond memories of this area. This is one spot we’ll stop at for sure during the upcoming Venice Photo Adventure… we’ll all line up here along the bridge and have a ball!

    A town that sandstorms has overtaken... everyone had to move away.

    People of New Guinea, Part 2 One of the tribes from the high jungle mountain areas paints themselves like undead spirits to scare the other tribes away. Everyone here is quite superstitious and a lot of their free time is spend exchanging legends and stories. The tribe spends hours painting one another to make sure their spirit-bodies are seen from as far away as possible. More ont he blog soon at www.StuckInCustom... ! :)

    People of New Guinea, Part 1 This was a pretty intimidating tribe for sure... did a little dance of wits with them a few days ago here. They totally won and were way more intimidating, but was happy to have the chance to get a few photos. There are hundreds of tribes here that adorn themselves in different ways. This one is known for painting half their body white and half their body black... More soon on tje blog at www.StuckInCustom... ! :)

    Today on the blog... The extreme contrasts of light and shadow can be quite punctuated in Venice. Many of the colors of the buildings are already pretty bold, and when the sun hits them, they pop out to a new level. It’s a pretty good case for HDR, I think, especially because you don’t want to lose all the beautiful colors back in the shadows…

    Sorvagsvatn - lake over the ocean

    The Manta Resort is a beautiful, multi-room hotel that sits on the Indian Ocean island of Pemba. The spectacular getaway offers not only a place to rest your head for the night, but also some truly breathtaking views from its unique, underwater room. The floating structure, made of local hardwood, offers three levels of viewing for visitors to absorb the scenic environment from above, below, and at sea level.