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Boutique & Antique Shop Display Ideas

Boutique & Antique Shop Owners: See how easy it is to become a reseller of Mudpaint. Mudpaint is the fastest growing furniture paint in the U. Order minimums are very low and there are…

Creative Retail Display Idea Clipboards Jewelry Simple eye-catching design

My idea is to use the HD clipboard, add florals from clip and paper tag, ribbons. Creative Retail Display Idea Clipboards Jewelry @ Do It Yourself Remodeling Ideas

4 Tips for Creating More Attractive Retail Displays

Are you in a merchandising rut? This article from Smart Retailer offers 4 tips for creating more attractive retail displays.

Decor Inspiration: Fall 2014 Store Displays | Free People Blog #freepeople

Decor Inspiration: Fall 2014 Store Displays

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Use of shelving on a stand helps you to organise and style your collections. Be careful the shelving doesn't become the focal point and you get ask more about the shelves then your own products. ViA: VISI / Articles / Folklore opens online store

repetition and tight groupings to create this merchandising display for gift store

spacecraft new store via the design files. if you merchandise prettily near the window, you don't need a separate window display! And for a pop-up.